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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


You’re a pistol. You know funny… It’s funny how you tell the story…

I mean you’re funny how… I… :scream:


If this continues, I’ll have to go Murderous McMurderface on someone.


S’ok. I’ll hide behind my Smiley McSmileyFace-Todd. He has a Tom Hardy Taboo-shirt and everything!


Do you have a shovel I can borrow?


I haven’t really been a fan of the Earth One GN series, but I have to admit I wish Green Lantern was coming out this year instead of next.


I’m actually pretty pumped to see their take on GL.


For those interested, I looked up the details on the Superman exhibit at the Cleveland library and it runs through March 31st next year (2018). We plan on going sometime within the next couple of months.


I just read an article that indicated it would move along the timeline to 1992.


The year Superman died. Coincidence? I think not.


18th November 1992 was the date Superman died. They’ve managed to release the book as near as possible to the 25th anniversary. :slight_smile:


I read batman 33 and green lanterns 33

I thought the first chapter of rules of engagement was excellent. I’m totally intrigued.
The scene where Damian bursts into tears & the final page reveal as to why, and what was in the cave was brilliantly handled and totally got me by surprise

I love talia as a character and the whole dynamics between her, Bruce & Damian

tim seeley takes over the writing duties from this issue of green lanterns and he makes an instant impact. There’s a lot of elements in one issue here, including some brilliant characterisation - it’s really impressive how quickly he’s got a handle on Simon & Jessica. This is easily up there with the best of Sam Humphreys issues, of which there were some really good ones.

Seeley is a writer who is alwaysfull of ideas and it’s good to see him already have some creative uses of the rings constructs.
I was in danger of dropping this book and Humphreys was fading a bit, but it’s got a new lease of life. Good work.



Doomsday Clock sounds like a really bad idea, but I’ll probably get the first issue digitally tonight.

FWIW, all of the Before Watchmen collections are on sale on Comixology right now, among hundreds of other collections.


To be honest Andrew, you are probably better not bothering. You sound pretty predisposed to disliking it.
It’s not really a book that says 'hey, if you enjoyed Watchmen, you might like this…'
it’s pretty closely tied to what has been happening in the DCU for the last 18 months and if you are not interested in that or don’t like Geoff Johns them chances are this is not going to do anything for you.


The first issue really keeps close to the middle of the road. There’s nothing solid to recommend or dissuade reading it.

Certainly it is not a qualitative “sequel” to WATCHMEN but it is not obviously a bad story either. I think anyone reading DC could get into it but not much actually happens in this issue.

Honestly it’s the sort of issue that I think could be discarded. Just get into the meat of the story already.


Have you read it? Even if it’s built on 18 months of continuity, it’s a heavily promoted event that will draw in new readers; is it not designed to also cater to relative newbies?

The similarly publicised Metal got partway there from issue 1, I just haven’t gotten around to getting the subsequent issues.


I hated Watchmen, will I like Doomsday Clock?


The series is closely tied to the DCU happenings for the past 18 months but the first issue wasn’t. All you have to know is what happened in Watchmen.

The first issue is mostly set up but I enjoyed it enough to buy the second issue.


Read the DC Halloween special.

I dunno where they found those writers to script out Giffen’s plots but thats probably the worst comic I’ve read in a very long time. Absolute drivvel.


Aye, it was terrible.

The only half-way interesting one was the one with Chaykin’s art, and I say half-way interesting because it ends right before it can do something actually horrific. At the very least I thought it was building up a good tone, which isn’t something I can say for pretty much all the rest.