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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Usually it’s just direct market sales.


Always the same Chris, they are single issues in the US and Canada only. That’s all Diamond releases. Digital issues sales are unknown, foreign sales unknown, trade sales mostly unknown.


With nothing to go on other than the number of people who read digitally on here, that must stick another 5-10k on the numbers surely?


The word is it is around 15-30% of the sales generally. Mr Millar’s reveal of some of his royalty statements say foreign sales are a similar figure, around 30%.

So all the numbers are always much higher in reality than the Diamond estimates but you have to take into account it is comparative. If 15k is the cancellation point there most of the comics may be actually selling 25k but that’s if it follows the typical pattern.

Editors at Marvel have said that Ms Marvel, where the target audience is outside the typical crowd, is their first title ever to sell more digital copies than print. So the Diamond numbers there may not matter as much. Similarly for books that have a strong trade following.


@Jim - Looks like there’s a new Blue & Gold in an upcoming Action Comics story. :wink:


As far as I’m concerned they’re gold and brown.


Texture like sun.


Like the inside of your underwear.


There’s more red in there.


Has there been any follow-up at all to the “three Jokers” reveal from (I think) Justice League #50?


MR MIRACLE is pretty good. Reads a lot like a DC version of the old Marvel MAX line, particularly ALIAS.


This is supposed to play a part in either Dark Nights: Metal or Doomsday Clock coming up but I forget which one. I’m leaning towards the later as it seems like it was Geoff Johns that mentioned it.


Superman 75 was published 25 years ago:


With DOOMSDAY CLOCK, does it take place only a year or so after Watchmen’s ending in the 80’s or is it moved up to present day?


DC’s February solicits are up in all of the usual spots, and collected in the Solicitations for February 2018 thread.


Metal #6 cover - don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled.

My comment - what the fook is that?

Utterly mad, utterly brilliant.


It’s the cover of Metal #6.


You think I’m funny? Like a clown? You think I’m here to amuse you?




You’re going to be digging a hole.