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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


On the outside, or at all?


Superman flies commando!


I read and was impressed by the first two issues of michael cray

It was not at all what I expected

it’s an interesting take on things with Cray essentially hunting down the DC universe. But I really liked how they joined this book up with the DC universe

Bryan Hill is a writer who I follow pretty much for most most of what he writes over at Image. Postal with Matt Hawkins is a particular favourite.
I was interested to see how he’d get on with a more mainstream book and I though this was very assured.

The art is really dodgy in places, but I dont mind it - it’s a bit jarring in places but the story telling is completely fine.

If the Wildstorm line keeps up the level of quality we are seeing with these first 2 books we are in for a treat - I just hope it’s translating to well deserved sales.


Good to hear, seems you and I are pretty the main fans of Hill here.


I remembered how much I connected with Superman, how I was an artist during the 1988 Superman convention in Cleveland (The Neverending Battle celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Man of Steel.)"

Maybe Bendis will be writing Superman after all… :wink:


I’d be more interested in him writing Lois Lane.


Damn. I may need to get to the Cleveland Library before this closes. I was afraid it would be equivalent to the Superman display at the Cleveland airport.




Comichron - October 2017:
Wild Storm #8 19,041
Michael Cray #1 14,145


Not great but as with Vertigo books I suspect this stuff over performs in trades compared to most. Ellis has a sizeable following outside the Wednesday Warriors (he barely pretends to write for single issues anyway) and I have confidence he’ll get to to tell his full 24 issue story.


Yeah, at this point I think The Wild Storm istelf is safe, though hopefully the resurgant WSU will be able to maintain itself for a good few years.


If he doesn’t get bored with it first.


Reading his weekly email newsletter, he usually has quite a few projects going across different media. I’m surprised he has enough time to do half of what he has on his plate.


I read the first two arcs of Detective but didn’t think much of them although I am tempted to try the current arc as it has been getting good praise. Is it a departure from earlier books in the run or pretty similar? I’m guessing if I didn’t like the earlier Tynion stuff I won’t like this but I’m still interested.


Bobby, it’s more of the same. You won’t hate it, but I doubt you’ll like it much either. I say that as someone who clearly bloody loves it.


The gold standard sign of quality is if Bobby doesn’t like it. :smile:


Detective requires too much deep knowledge of the extended Batverse for me to truly enjoy but Tynion is great. In fact I think he is the writer Marvel should target to poach away and fill the Bendis void.

The Batman Who Laughs one shot that Tynion just put out is stellar I thought.


I found the second issue really weird. It felt so much lighter and inconsequential than the first. I still enjoyed it but it almost felt like I was reading an entirely different book.

That art though? Not helping.


Again, I don’t want Tynion going anywhere, but putting him on a X-Men book (or two) would be solid gold.


Wonder if those numbers include digital or if that’s just floppies