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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I think he’s at his best when he’s dealing with genius characters, to be honest. One of the few really credible writers of that sort of genius. (even if he uses the same fun shortcuts we all do/would)


I read action comics the Oz effect parts 3, 4 and 5 tonight.

Right up there with some of the stronger issues and arcs on action since the beginning of Rebirth.

Jurgens has become a lot more interesting as a writer than he was in the 90s. He’s chucked down some more epic ideas here in a style that is enjoyable to read and his layouts for the fantastic Capullo…er, I mean, Bogdanovic, are excellent - as are Victor’s finishes.

They make a great team and this was a very good 5 issue arc, all the while teasing at bigger things.


Me too. I’ve casually followed Action Comics and can’t wait to see Superman confront Dr Manhattan.


Also finished detective comics: a lonely place of living parts 2, 3 & 4.

This comic is so incredibly epic. Tynion IV has done wonders with the Bat-verse, giving a lot of the characters good air time and breathing space.

It much be such a difficult and delicate balancing act to pull this all off.

This arc has been outstanding, really exciting payoff to some of the foundations laid earlier - both here and in the Rebirth in general.

I know Vik loves this too, I hope that Tynion gets 100 issues out of his run.
He’s also been really fortunate that the artists on the book have been amazing as well.

I should also say something about how Tynion uses double page spreads. They are used here more than any other comic I’ve read in my life but they are used to great effect; often on one panel be will have establishing shots/dynamic poses/background & locations with characters interacting across the the rest of the panels. But its more than simple talking head shots, there is always movement or physical interaction.
The camera angles are always great.
If you read this have a look at the amount of backgrounds that are included - there’s a very European approach used here that you don’t often see in US comics - artists and writers can be a bit lazy when it comes to the backgrounds. It’s certainly not the case here, I’ve found myself becoming very familiar with places like The Bellfry as a result. I’m almost certain it’s a conscious decision by the writer.

I think the artists are benefiting hugely from some art direction from him - because the same approach has been used across all his artists.

I’ve been reading digitally but I’m also buying the deluxe editions and it definitely merits reading again - both because it’s a lot to take in and it’s really good.
I quite like using the double tap zoom function for the double spreads but I’m looking forward to seeing it on paper in the deluxe format.

The story itself is really compelling and ambitious and the characterisation is simply brilliant, as always.
It’s great stuff.


Is that what the overarching Rebirth story has been building to? (I haven’t followed the DC books closely recently and for some reason I got the impression that the Watchmen stuff was more closely tied to the Batman family of books.)


I’d say it’s both.


I guess that makes sense if it’s a big Watchmen-meets-DCU story.

(What will the Charlton heroes make of it all? :slight_smile: )


Super like :wink:

“A Lonely Place of Living” was a superb arc. Really epic in scale, and yet, just the prologue to what comes next. I can’t wait.

Barrows and Martinez deserve a huge amount of praise for what they continue to bring to this book. It’s still good without them. It’s a veritable work of art when they are on art.

I really try to resist “double dipping” these days, but the Deluxe hardcover of 'Tec is calling to me so bad. I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold out for too much longer.

Btw, the story of Bat-Tim (and Connor Kent) continues next month in the Superman/ Super Sons crossover. That should be pretty awesome too!


Give in to the deluxe side!

More seriously, it’s a great volume - OK, yeah, it has that arc, with that traitor, but the chatter here has convinced me to stick with it.

Also, they might well do a dedicated OHC for this arc a la Superman: The Oz Effect.

There’s a really good sense of tapestry across the core DC books I’ve bought in OHC.


I’ll need to try remember this - Super Sons is great but I trimmed it last month because I felt I could get away with doing so in the grand scheme of things - I did so with a heavy heart and now I’m regretting doing so even more


The shorthand description seems to be Superman vs Dr Manhattan and Batman vs Rorschach.


:open_mouth: Can it be next Wednesday already?



Like Todd and Dave said. Why would anyone except Alan Moore have any reason to be “angry” about it?

It’s a comic, if you don’t like the premise don’t read it. Remarkably, that rule works for every comic.

Sometimes it’s fun to pretend righteous indignation on an Internet message board to provoke some debate, but if anyone is truly angry over Doomsday Clock, they have serious issues.


Just to be clear: I am soooo furious, I’m boycotting the book :angry:

(By which I mean, I’m not buying it because it holds no interest for me. Like 5000 other monthly titles, all of which I am apoplecticly livid about.)


You have serious issues and I’m not talking about your Legion of Super Heroes comics.


I did not have a problem with “Chartville” myself so Hickman on Brainy would be great.


Fun list. I’m not sure how serious you can take it due to the inclusion of #4. Everything else on the list is pretty solid though. :wink:


are you ever going to stop trolling Jim? just face it. Jim is never going to love you the way you want. please let it go before something drastic occurs before MW has to shut down while they investigate the heinous crime of passion and loss of life.


Superman’s costume won’t have underpants in it.