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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Can we just create a sexual harassment thread and stick all this shit in, because it’s in every single fucking thread at the moment and I want to read about DC comics not sexual harassment rumours.



Batman: White Knight with words and pictures by Mr Sean Murphy.
Really digging this so far, and now I’m fantasizing about a Murphy/Bendis Bat-collaboration.


I’m so excited for Doomsday Clock next week. I wish it was coming out tomorrow.

I wonder if people are still angry about it. Now that the bar for outrage has been moved to masturbating in front of fans and groping interns until they quit the publisher, the notion of getting upset over Dr. Manhattan meeting Superman seems rather quaint.


Being serious, I think Before Watchmen took all the hate so at this point, only the most hardcore Alan Moore/Watchmen fans are still pissed. I think most comic book fans are sanguine about it. I would say many are curious to see what happens.


I can definitely see that. Before Watchmen sorta tired everyone out. By now Doomsday Clock, for the people who are critical from what I’ve seen, is just more of a rod for apathy and pithy remarks than anything else.


And it might be shit. There’s a not small chance of that.

Still it feels like everyone is depressed and angry these days, myself included, so anything that gets me excited about Wednesday is fine by me.


I hear that. Thankfully Uber has been picking up again.


Like Todd said, I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone get angry about the book. The people who are into it seem to be looking forward to it, and the people who aren’t interested have got any anger out of their system with Before Watchmen and moved on.

In retrospect, it was probably a good idea to get all those prequel books out earlier and get the controversy of a non-Moore/Gibbons continuation over with, before integrating the characters with the DCU.


I don’t know, I got the sense people were annoyed by the crossover aspect. Maybe angry is too strong a word.


I think it’s stupid as all hell, but it’s not like I was buying DCU comics beforehand, and I won’t afterwards.


Maybe when the first Rebirth special came out there was a bit of eye-rolling that they were going back to the well so soon, but given that DC have made it clear that they plan to continue to mine Watchmen with new projects, I think it’s hard for people to stay upset about it in a sustained way.

It’s just a fact that DC are in the business of making new Watchmen comics now, without the original creators. Anyone who cares deeply about that probably isn’t following DC closely anyway.


After Before Watchmen, I think comic book fans knew there would be a crossover with the DCU at some point. It was only a matter of time before it happened.

I think also DC has earned a lot of goodwill with Rebirth as they showed they are trying to put out quality products. Rebirth has received a very favorable response and while the idea of a DC/Watchmen crossover caused a bunch of heavy sighs, I think fans are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.


Stop giving DC ideas.


It was the working title for Doomsday Clock.


and Hickman can manage such huge casts and multiple story lines. We may see a return of Legion Espionage Squad, the Survey(?) team that was exploring the universe, political drama, and straight out widescreen action.

I would be so looking forward to this.


Hickman’s on record that the only comics properties he has real affection for are New Mutants and Legion (specifically 5 Years Later Legion, also my favorite). Legion would be a solid bet based on that, but given how mercenary he is about doing what’s best for his career, I could see him doing JLA or Superman of some kind. Given how much he prefers to do his ‘own thing’, push content limits, and not have to deal with continuity, plus his lunch with Jim lee, I could also see him doing a WildCATs book as part of the Wildstorm line.


Darkhorse candidate - but Hickman on Grifter.


Hoping for Legion, Superman, or a fullsome, sprawling Green Lantern run. Happy with anything.


I want something intimate but also with a wealth of being able to be opened up. I’m wary of Legion mainly because of the ensemble and pairing him with Brainy just seems like an avenue toward “chartville” again.

Grifter, or really what you’ve said about the new WS line, does seem like a natural fit given that Ellis is making the unearthing aspect of the worldbuilding a central focus. And I like Grifter being coool. Coooool :wink: