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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here




Same here. Bureau suffered from a really quick wrap-up, but I still really like the combo of Bendis and Oeming, when they’re on form, they’re great.

The problem is the erratic shipping has likely killed the monthly fanbase and I couldn’t tell you what volume they’re now on.

It does need a strong ending.


This is crazy news! And great! I was actually thinking earlier on today about how so many people on here wish that Bendis would move to DC, and just how impossible that would actually be. Then suddenly BOOM!
Romita Jr. and Bendis are both at DC now, which is pretty much a pipe dream say five years ago.
I guess this is what it took for Bendis to stop writing Ultimate Spider-Man. Well played.

I don’t have a clue which book they’ll stick him on, but for @davidm’s benefit, let us hope it’s the Legion of Superheroes. :wink:


Bendis Robin Ongoing (Damien or Tim or Both)


It’ll just shift, Icon books are fully owned by the creators and various books have moved in an out. Casanova I think has gone Image-Icon-Image as Fraction moved in and out at Marvel. Criminal too started at Icon but is now an Image book (when any new stories come out).

I would be pretty certain Bendis has a clause to allow him to do creator owned work as long as it isn’t for Marvel, most of the other big creators seem to (Jason Aaron, Scott Snyder etc).


The man who made me stop buying The Avengers after 30 years of reading them? Yes, let’s hope :expressionless:



If that’s the case, you missed out on an amazing era of comics. Bendis’ Avengers doesn’t get its due praise enough.


Bendis going to DC is something I did not see coming. Maybe they’d make him write a Shazam book?? Though, I have heard that he’s not so particular with continuity. I’m not sure how true it is but if it is, maybe it’d be better if he writes an Earth-One book or something that’s not in the main continuity. :thinking:


Alright, lets get me an X-Mas Eve announcement for Legion of Super-Heroes…


Please, give it to Lemire.

He’s better than those two, despite his track record with teams at DC.


I think Legion is perfect for Hickman. Huge cast and cosmic scale. I love Lemire but that’s really not his book at all.
His best work has a claustrophobic and slightly spooky feel.


I have no doubt that Bendis is an excellent writer. But he doesn’t write in a style that I enjoy reading.


This post is in a style that I don’t enjoy reading. :wink:

That’s fair. It’s one thing to say something is objectively horrible like some do with Bendis but something entirely different to say it’s just not to your taste though.


It’s unfair and stupid to claim something clearly loved by many people is objectively horrible. Especially Man of Steel. That’s my favorite film of all time. :wink:



Yes, :stuck_out_tongue: is a complete sentence in this context :stuck_out_tongue:


And this style is?


Not-Roy Thomas. :wink:


Not? You mean, like-


Brought back into focus by Buzzfeed: