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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


This is amazing news

Bendis can be a terrific writer and he’s needed this change for a long time to freshen himself up - there’s no denying he’s become pretty stale in recent years

We’ve discussed this in the past and lot of us have been in agreement for a long time that DC and Bendis could benefit from a transfer like this.

Tremendous news, this is one of the most exciting comics related stories I’ve read in a long time.

I agree he’d be a brilliant fit for Detective Comics, but like Vik, I don’t want the current run to end - so he can bide his time on that one!!


I’d be curious about either of those. Or Supergirl. That could be interesting.


Yeah, Detectives on a bit of roll right now. I wouldn’t want to see that messed with. And Bendis is such a big name that I’m sure whatever character he wants to write, they’ll just make a new book so it can start with a shiny new first issue.


Welp, I feel for whatever character he gets to write. Stormy times ahead.
I don’t think a change of scenery will do much good with how stale he has been.


I don’t follow much of his work now but he’s still doing good work on stuff like Jessica Jones. I wonder whether a change of scene will be just the reinvigorating move he needs.


I think that with DC, unless it’s a simple street level book, it’s going to be all the same pitfalls and character templates he’s been doing for ages.


Y’know, whilst I think this is good news, I can’t actually think of any DC books I would really like to see Bendis on. Maybe, a Batman book or Green Arrow. Maybe.

But, there’s a danger that would just be a retread of his earlier street level stuff, so why would he want to do that?

The wording of DC’s release causes me some concern though. This talk of multi-year multi-layer plans makes me think DC are planning to make him an “Architect” of their line going forwards.

I don’t think that’s a good fit for him, and I’d rather he follow the Snyder type model. A title or family of books off centre that he’s left alone to do his stuff on. Without having to play with the wider continuity stuff.

I’d rather see a DCU Daredevil or Alias run from Bendis, than a DCU New Avengers.


I agree, it really is the type of stuff he does. I read Spider-Man and one half of his Iron Man stuff on Unlimited and it’s good stuff, much better than his Avengers work which I don’t think suited his strengths.

I think his issue with Marvel is as that Iron Man stuff is wrapping up where does he go next? Either onto more obscure titles or repeating himself on Daredevil or Avengers or X-Men. It was time to go.


This is great news. Will captures my sentiment almost exactly.

I think he’s done just about everything at Marvel. Would love to see what he can do at DC now.


Just echoing everyone else’s comments: This is a good move for everyone. What I’m curious about is what are the lost DC gems he’ll polish off? He’s basically the reason characters like Cage and Spider-Woman are big deals in the MU these days. Who can he dust off in the DCU?

Question would be awesome. Blue Beetle/Booster Gold?


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It has to be Image. It goes to Vertigo and it’ll die fast due to their current tendencies. Although, I consider the book to be on life support anyway.

As to the news, very interesting indeed.


I’d buy a Bendis Creeper book in a heartbeat. I wish they’d dust the character off regardless.


Euthanasia is probably the kindest thing that could happen to that book just now. It’s not been able to die with dignity but they could at least just end it’s suffering.


For me, I think Powers was at its best hen it was at Image. It was never as good at Icon and seem to deteriorate as Bendis’s Marvel workload increased. I skipped the last two or so relaunches. The delays also had a nagative impact on the title.


Oh, so would I.

Hopefully it’s clear that my joke was meant affectionately. I might not love everything Bendis has done, but I think he’s responsible for a few of the best comics runs this century. When he’s good, he’s very good.

Him taking on some of the lesser DC titles and characters and building them up into something more (Kirby style) would be an interesting move.


I wonder if he’d be a good fit for Shazam (and family).
And they do have a movie coming so a high-profile writer is a plus for re-starting that.


Honestly, stick him on Booster Gold, so he can wring out something there.
But Shazam? Nah. Not after how boring Miles has been.

Save those poor kids from that fate.


I read the hardcovers, so the last one was the Powers Bureau arc which I though was a bit of an up swing in quality for the title. But saying that, I’m not against them ending it. As long as it gets a proper ending.


This would also, of course, be a good time to bring back Gotham Central.