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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’ve enjoyed his New Super-Man series a lot. It doesn’t read as wordy at all and is a lot of fun. It may help it is set in his own world he’s created mostly (I mean it is in the DCU and people like Lex Luthor appear but in small doses) and in an area he knows well (Chinese culture). It likely helps a lot that with Rebirth creators seem to be given a degree of empowerment to do what they want compared to the Nu52 days and the reports of many resignations over editorial interference.


Bendis to DC!!!


I honestly think this is the best thing for him. I’ve said for some time I think he’s burned out. Marvel seems to have sucked him dry. He needed to leave to recharge his creative batteries. This may be just what he needs.


Wow, that’s a big get for DC. Interesting to see what he does…I’m just wondering about Powers though. Is Icon still part of Marvel?.


Icon was always the imprint for creator-owned projects by Marvel-exclusive talent. It will probably move over to Vertigo or Image.


This is incredible news! Bendis has needed a fresh start for a while now and DC can only benefit. Wow.

Grabbing some popcorn now for what could be a Detective Comics run for the ages.



This was my first thought too. He has a great Batman run in him somewhere, I’m sure.

(What’s Alex Maleev up to these days?)


Bendis on another Marvel book doesn’t get me excited. Bendis on a handful of DC titles does. This is a great move for all involved.


He’s on Bendis’s Iron Man.


Yeah, I don’t think he’s a great fit for the majority of DC properties but the ones that are the right fit could be spectacular.


Yep. I can see Detective Comics as other have mentioned, and Batman, Deathstroke, Suicide Squad and the Question come to mind. The Question being a wish, though.


The Question is a great idea.


Oiy! Lay off Detective Comics. I’m not going to be happy if anyone f*cks with what’s going on there!


Bendis on Suicide Squad might be fun…


I don’t think Bendis really has a great history on team books. I was recently reading his latest Riri Iron Man book and it’s pretty good. I think solo titles, noir and teen stuff is where his strengths lie.


Yeah, outside of the obvious books, I actually think he’d be a really good choice for the Super Sons book.


I could see Bendis doing well with just about any of the Batbooks (Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Nightwing, etc.), I also think he might be good with a Teen Titan’s type book. I know he’s never been too great with team books. But I loved Ultimate Spider-Man when it was essentially Spider-Man and his amazing friends. So any book about young heroes might work.


Holy fucking shit is this for real???


Bendis writes women very, very well. Him on Batwoman or even Wonder Woman would be great.

God, I haven’t been this stoked on Bendis since Siege ended. I’m actually looking forward to spending money on they guy again. Though, this means his run on Ultimate Spider-Man/Miles Morales has to end, which kind of sucks.