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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


You can say that again. :goat:


I just added it to my wish list so maybe I’ll still buy it just to vex you Ronnie.


At 1080 pages you could buy it just to hit him with it.

I agree, I own the individual issues, and digital is right there, and those Absolute editions are a pain, but there is still part of me like…


It’d be a very effective murder weapon.

But at 1000 pages I can’t imagine how you’d read a book like that on the toilet.


Sounds like a bathroom remodel is in Jim’s future!


i got it and it’s great! My girlfriend still keeps mocking how huge the book is though. i wasn’t around for the original run, so it’s nice to have all of it in one place.


That’s awesome. I would love to read those books for the first time again.


Oh yes!!!

I’ve ordered this omnibus and it should be in my box next week - can’t wait.
thats some prime nostalgia right there!!

The original issues are in my mum’s loft and they have been read so many times they are falling to pieces.

I’ll go back and read the link but I assume it’s the full run including JLI, JLA & JLE, he asks, hopefully.





i believe it does, according to the indicia. also includes an issue of suicide squad


Tony Isabella and Black Lightning reunited–and it feels so good.


I haven’t been following King’s Batman but this sounds intriguing especially with art by Clay Mann. Has this story started yet?


I don’t know if anyone else reads these books, but I’d noticed tim seeley has been writing the most recent solicits for green lanterns and I now see that sam humphries is solicited in this month’s previews for the latest 2 issues of nightwing

I wonder if the two writers have swapped books after doing 30 or so issues just to freshen things up for themselves?


si spurrier is on suicide squad for 33-34 as well, probably on **rob Williams ** recommendation because these guys probably know each other pretty well

Not sure if it’s just a fill in but it’s good to see ex 2000ad writers involved at DC, if only they could persuade al Ewing to jump ship then we’d have the whole trifecta trio of writers at DC. Plus Ewing would maybe have a book that doesn’t get derailed by an event for once.


I think they’ve swapped, Chris. I don’t read either but dimly recall seeing some press on that a couple of months ago.


Ah cool I’ll do a wee search and see if I can find it


That story hasn’t started yet but the Batman/Catwoman marriage arc has started in earnest and you could do worse than picking the book up (starting with issue 33). So far this arc is pure gold.


I agree. The last two books have been great. This arc was going to determine if I drop the book or not since it’s been so uneven but I’m enjoying it so far and hope DC make the marriage work.


Read Gene Luen Yang’s Superman run recently, with art by John Romita Jr and Howard Porter. It started with the much hyped “Truth” story arc and wrapped up with the “Savage Dawn” crossover.

I happen to think New52 Superman was a huge mistake, and this run didn’t dissuade me from that notion. But, as an “Elseworlds” type take on the character, it was pretty enjoyable.

Yang’s writing style is pretty wordy, and cliche is the wrong word, but I’m struggling to find a better one. Obvious, maybe? On the nose? I did like the story overall, but I’m not sure he’s a writer whose work I would continue to search out.

The crossover issues of Action Comics and Superman/ Wonder Woman were more enjoyable overall, but I suspect that may have more to do with Pak and Tomasi’s greater experience within superhero comics than anything else.