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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


It’s since been reprinted under the Vertigo imprint, like the current follow-up.


Would have been good to have that snippet of key info in the first post.

Now, more importantly, how was that series?


Well worth the read.


A few pages of preview here. Not much but I like what I’m seeing so far. Looks like it could be interesting.


An interview with Jim Lee on Action Comics #1000 and Doomsday Clock.

@garjones - Don’t worry. Superman is in it. :wink:

Also, more on Green Lantern: Earth One.


I have forgotten why I should care. :smile:


Memory problems start to happen with age. Just don’t forget to take your vitamins. :wink:


I did read John Byrne’s Superman, that was good.


Another cool interview, this time with Tom King. I really like what he likes to say about Mister Miracle. It’s really why I love that book. It’s a superhero melodrama that speaks to the real darkness in some of our lives.


Apart from the part where they decided to remove Superboy from continuity :angry:


And the one with Barda…that was just wrong.


I’ll probably get the Absolute Sandman Overture to complete my set, though the price is ridiculous.

Has anyonevelse had quality control issues with Absolutes?

Seems like about one third of the ones I’ve bought have somethingbwrong with them. One of the Absolute Sandman volumes I bought had a miscut page, where the page got folded before it was trimmed. The copy of Absolute All Star Superman had a split in the binding. The copy of one of the Absolute Planetary volumes had a corner of the dustjacket creased and folded. Another Absolute I bought, can’t remember which, had a big dent across the front board.

These were all promptly returned and exchanged. It’s really unacceptable that these $100 books have flaws.

I managed to return all four without problem, but, just out of curiosity, who pays for defective comic product like this? Does the retailer, if he accepts returns, eat the cost? Does Diamond? Or the publisher?


I guess it depends how the defects happened.

I’ve had books damaged in transit that I’ve returned, and I assume either the seller or the courier has to pay for that one way or another (insurance?).

I’ve also had plenty of big hardback books (not just Absolutes but also OHCs and omnibuses) with printing and cutting errors like you describe. I don’t know that it’s a problem with Absolutes in particular so much as there being a certain chance of these things happening, and if you buy enough books the odds are that you’ll get a defective one every now and again.

I guess you’ve just been particularly unlucky with Absolutes!


I was hoping for Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One next week as scheduled.

It must have been pushed back as it’s not on Midtown’s list for next week.

Edit: WTF. Does Midtown have two different lists? It looks like it showed up on this one.


They’ve got Home Delivery and In-Store pick-up lists, and I think that first link looks like it’s cut-off the Hardcovers so only the floppies are showing (and that’s probably a setting when you’re on the site).


That appears to be it. It’s just odd that it defaults to the Home Delivery list. I’ve never noticed it before but then I’ve always been looking at floppies. I noticed that the list you posted showed it shipping and started investigating.

Glad you did. It’s one of the few books I have on order at my LCS. I do digital for almost everything else. I just couldn’t resist a BD style Batman story. I wish someone would do a Superman one.


Neither could I, especially with who’s doing it! If it’s a success maybe there will be a Superman one.

General reminder to everyone: This isn’t a normal trade issue, it still doesn’t show for me outside of comic shops - so it’s that route or nothin’.


I feel like I count on you guys tell me when stuff like this comes out and you let me down. It’s over a week old now!

I’m especially disappointed in @Jim.


Who would care about that crap? :poop:


Fuck you Ronnie.

Sorry Robert. I own the entire original run, and own them on digital, so that’s a book I’d never buy.