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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


It seemed like a book with a limited lifespan that would possibly go away after the Superman: Reborn storyline. I’m kind of surprised it’s still around.


Re: Solicits

I’m just glad Shaggy and Fred don’t seem to have been killed off, which was a real possibility. But the wording makes me think this is going to be the final arc. Especially given Giffen’s now working on The Inferior Five.


I read the first couple of issues of Superwoman. It was decent, but Phil Jiminez was the big attraction, and he wasn’t on the book long enough or consistently enough to keep me there. The Lois/ Lana bait & switch was nicely done, but it did result in a really jarring reader experience from one issue literally to the next.

It’s interesting that the outgoing Superwoman writer becomes the incoming Batwoman writer the same month. That’s another title that has spectacularly failed to live up to its potential.


Which is what I wish I had done, but I never thought that would happen. “Why would DC release a Deluxe edition of an Absolute book so quickly?

I love Bachalo & Buckingham’s artwork on the mini’s, but not really enough to justify the£10/ issue price.


Yeah, I got the impression the Absolute Death didn’t sell that well. I saw it cheap in quite a few places for a long while after release.


I suspect (hope) the same thing is going to happen again with Overture too. Fool me once, blah blah blah.


I’m interested in seeing how they format the Absolute, at least. If we’re getting all the uncoloured art, will it be at full size, effectively doubling the page count? Will it be in a separate book like the Batman: Year One Absolute?

It’s interesting to see DC getting Absolutes out of slimmer collections of material through this method. I’m half expecting an Absolute Killing Joke with all the various colourings.


They should do three separate books, to go with the 3 Jokers :wink:

One current colours, one original colours, and one in glorious b&w.


The sad thing is I would actually go for that. :slight_smile:




Nope, it isn’t, not for one of this size.

If you look over the range of recent release, the price varies:

  • Justice League Origin is a 12-issue collection at $100 / £90 price point.

  • The new edition of the Dini-Ross specials is at the $75 / £65 price point - which would be the best one for Overture.

  • The $125 / £110 price point has been used on the big 20-issue collections of Y The Last Man, Transmetropolitan and Azz Wonder Woman, while Preacher Absolutes have gone up to the $150 mark. But these collections are 3-4 times the material of the 60issue Overture story.

There is precedent for DC being greedy bastards, the Batman Year One Absolute was set at the quite criminal $100 / £90 price point!


It looks like Justice League Origin is down 56 pages to the Sandman Overture book. You’re right that the Dini-Ross book is probably more comparable but it sounds like they’re trying to keep the reprint price closer to the original edition.

So $125 is a bit high but not completely outside the norm. Even the original issues of Sandman Overture were more expensive than a standard DC comic of the same length though. So there might be something else being absorbed in the cost. I know there was a different deal surrounding that work.


I can tell you right now - and we’re talking discounted online prices here - the difference is:

  • RRP $75 / £65 - can be got for £38-40 - hefty but manageable.

  • RRP $125 / £110 - best price is perhaps as low as £55, if very lucky, but is more likely to be in the £65-70 range, which will deter sales. Doesn’t matter how good the price is.

Meanwhile DHC will still be putting out same size Library editions for RRP $50-60, as will Oni Press and Image.


I noted earlier that we’re getting all six issues of uncoloured art for Overture, alongside the regular six issues. That, along with all the extras you tend to get in Sandman Absolutes, is probably going to push it up to the 416 page count that makes the RRP more or less the going rate for these size books nowadays.

It’s definitely cynical though when the book could be half the size.


What irks is its DC taking its best works and then really pushing it on the price for them.

Now, if the aim is to get low sales because it’s such a deluxe item, well ‘mission accomplished’ !


I imagine the people in DC’s marketing department look closely at this stuff, and know when it’s going to be better to fleece a smaller number of fans who are going to buy the book no matter what (and I imagine there are a fair few of those for Sandman), and when it’s better to try and drum up a few more sales with a more affordable package.


Now when are they going to release Ambush Bug: The Deluxe Absolute Omnibus ?



And the link to DC is?


I thought the same thing. Evidently, it’s a Vertigo title.