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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Of course they are. Because they will integrate so naturally and seamlessly with the DCU, it’s amazing nobody has thought of it before.

(I’m assuming the “reveal” is actually a joke, by the way.)


From the CBR article:

bring readers up to date with what happened following the events of Moore and Gibbons’ classic. Ozymandias is on the run form the law, Silk Spectre is missing, and Rorschach, well… find out for yourself by reading the preview

Uh … I don’t need to read the Doomsday Clock preview to learn what happened to Rorschach, it’s spelled out pretty unambiguously in the pages of Watchmen.

They seem to be going out of their way to not sell the comic to me :confused:


For those who don’t know: in a nice bit of circularity, Ogden Whitney appears as a character in Alan Moore’s Jerusalem :slight_smile:


Oh God :frowning:


The running theory is that it’s not the original Rorschach that’s behind the mask.


Somebody should tell him/her that there’s no need to adopt the same style of internal monologue as your predecessor. There are no mind readers* in the Watchmen universe, so nobody’s going to know.

. * Except maybe Dr Manhattan, and he’s already seen the reveal anyway so there’s no point trying to fool him :wink:


Presumably, like the original, she’s writing it down in a journal.


In exactly the same literary style? It still seems unlikely. It feels like a contrived situation, purely there to tease fans rather than having a story logic.

But it’s not really fair to second-guess the intentions without reading it. I’ll just wait to see what people’s reviews are.


At a guess, the person dressing up as Rorschach may be trying to convince people that they are the original Rorschach (that is, if they aren’t the original, restored somehow). That might extend to replicating his writings (which now appear to have become public knowledge).

But who knows? Like you say, maybe it’s best to wait for the book and see whether it hangs together.


If I may be a little bit catty for a moment, this is written by the guy who gave us Lanterns of all colours. The contrived situation is something he’s pretty at home with.

I may not be the world’s biggest Geoff Johns fan (if that wasn’t already obvious).


Exact same?
Too many full sentences.


As exact as anyone who’s name isn’t Alan Moore can get :wink:


To give Johns the benefit of the doubt, those pages read like he’s deliberately having someone do an impersonation and only managing a rough approximation, rather than it being Johns trying to ape Rorschach and only managing a rough approximation himself.



I have hope that it’s sounding properly mythic.


I heard Miller talk about his feelings on Superman several years back during the All-Star Batman and Robin days. It sounded pretty exciting. Having John Romita Jr. on for art only encourages me.


I hope it does extremely well. I need more ASBAR.

And, well, I love Superman coming of age stories. It’s a weakness.





A lot of those are just stories that were seen as negative back then.
Only 3 are ones that actually had larger positive responses.

Good ol’ CBR.