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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


The narrator’s narration makes me think that Johns should’ve read more Herbie Popnrcker :wink:


Is this real or fan fic? I read it as disrespectful to comics readers and the original story. Banal and umimaginative exposition through newsreaders? Really? Mentioning “deplorables” and a president playing golf is not a political stance, it’s a demonstration of naivity. Bringing back a character (even if he is the best in Watchmen) that Moore killed for good reason is cheap. This feels like an amaterish pastiche of a 1980s comic, and IMHO is emblematic of why the comics industry is in decline. “The Button” acted as a far better teaser. DC were doing such a good job of carrying Marvel, now this.

Just had to look up this reference. Brilliant. It’s so much more ‘knowing’ than those Doomsday Clock pages.



He’s not reading Injustice I take it. :smile:


I presume this will be a “who’s under the mask” thing that will be a mystery at first. Based on the preview pages we’re probably meant to think it’s Silk Spectre at this point.


If you’re right (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are), that’s only a mystery to the reader, not to the world in which the comic’s set.


Yeah I’m really excited about this series as well.

It’s good to see Johns back after 18 months away from the scripting side of DC Comics and there should be some pay off here for what DC have done a good job building to over the past year and half.

I hope it keeps the buzz going it’s nice to read positivity about comics, especially DC and Marvel, you do get bored of the constant cynicism, whether it’s one’s own or reading the comments of others.

A bit of positivity is a pleasant break from the grinding doom.


But, it’s called Doomsday Clock, Chris :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grinding and Doom are pretty much mandatory.


Haha touché


I’ve already called dibs on it being Watchmenverse Vic Sage


It will come as no surprise to anyone I have no interest in Doomsday Clock but really liked Before Watchmen.




I’d much rather have found that out while reading the story


Though if it’s true, I totally called it :sunglasses:


Yeah, I am glad people share a lot of these news stories but there is a difference between a news story about a new book or creative team, and a “news story” about what happens in the next issue of an ongoing book.

I forget who shared the story or what thread it was but it was the same thing with the Catwoman proposal last week.


This popped up on CBR. Thought it was worth sharing given the Alan Moore rights chat upthread.


Keith Giffen is doing an Inferior 5 series.
…oh, and Lemire is helping out I guess.


Yeah that annoyed me as well

I’m buying these books every fortnight - I don’t read news sites or reviews of stuff I’m consuming because I want to enjoy my books, tv and movies that I’ve paid for.

I was going to start a thread about this earlier to see if we could agree some sort of compromise on the site but I’m kinda getting fed up moaning about it.


Quite seriously - how about a dedicated Comics Spoiler News thread?

A signposted spot for this stuff as the comic news sites appear incapable of wording their headlines and links without spoiling, which is what the board software uses to display.

News can be found for those that want it, those who don’t wish to be spoiled can give it a wide berth.