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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Most of the audience is likely more interested in that than what he’s doing now. :wink:


To be honest I’m half-expecting to learn at some point that Alan Moore naively signed a contract for Cinema Purgatorio that gives DC full reprint rights and ownership of the property. :slight_smile:


Or he did the same with Avatar who you can totes trust more than DC. :wink: :wink:


Cinema Purgatorio is from Avatar, get some more coffee down you! :smile:


That’s what I’m saying. I’m sure Avatar is totally more trustworthy than DC and not at all just ran out of some garage in the middle of nowhere. :wink:


I’m just going to dare you to try and make a post without a winky emoji. :wink:


This is Avatar’s address (the building kind of in the center not the one on the left).

It shares an address with something called Comic Cavalcade. :wink:


You are a boon to all warehouse stalkers in the comics community. :wink:


To be fair, that’s the address they list on their website. :wink:

On to something a little more DC related.


Interesting they are featuring Superman in the comic. :wink:


Given that it’s CBR I’m disappointed that they didn’t format it as the top 10 things that are going to be in the issue.


15 things, including some sex. :wink:

(I’m in a wink-off with Ronnie, he’ll lose).


This was what I was more interested in. :wink:

Action Comics #1000 itself will be an oversized issue written by Pete Tomasi and Dan Jurgens that will draw on all kinds of talent from the comics industry, including a Superman story written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner.


Oh…sorry. A “Wink-off”. I totally misread that. Sorry.


Yeah, Ronnie’s the odds-on favourite to win a wonk-off


MOTHERLANDS, from writer Si Spurrier (SUICIDE SQUAD, The Spire) and artist Rachael Stott (Sex Criminals, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes), is a sci-fi series set in a future where universe-hopping bounty hunters are the new celebrities. A spotlight-shunning hunter named Tab finds herself in a race for her greatest prize yet, but to ID her target she’ll have to work with her fiercest rival and the most famous bounty hunter of all time—her mother. The six-issue series launches January 31.

DEATHBED, from writer Joshua Williamson (THE FLASH, FROSTBITE) and artist Riley Rossmo (BATMAN/THE SHADOW, CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER), follows a former adventurer turned recluse who has re-emerged 20 years later. When reporter Valentine Richards is hired to get his story, she soon finds herself in an insane world of violence and supernatural adventure. The six-issue series begins February 21.

Plus, the weird and popular DC’s Young Animal imprint, curated by My Chemical Romance’s frontman Gerard Way, continues to expand its list of titles and announced the remaining DC/DC’s Young Animal crossover issues. DOOM PATROL artist Nick Derington discussed his work on the series, with writer Steve Orlando sharing more details for the first issue of “Milk Wars,” and new series writer Magdalene Visaggio giving an early look at her upcoming project:

“Milk Wars” will mash up DC’s Young Animal with characters from the DC Universe, beginning with a JUSTICE LEAGUE/DOOM PATROL SPECIAL from Orlando and Way, followed by SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL/WONDER WOMAN SPECIAL, MOTHER PANIC/BATMAN SPECIAL, CAVE CARSON/SWAMP THING SPECIAL and DOOM PATROL/JUSTICE LEAGUE SPECIAL. The weekly crossover adventure begins January 31.

ETERNITY GIRL, the new miniseries from Eisner and GLAAD-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim) and Eisner award-winning artist Sonny Liew (The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye) follows Urania Blackwell, a former CIA agent who can’t die. Her only solution? Destroy the universe first. This six-issues series launches March 2018 from DC’s Young Animal.

Preview art at the link.


But what about a wenk off?



I’d need a week off after that




I’m really excited for this series. Preview looks great.