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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yeah I don’t think it matters if it is. To me anyway I would take the latter approach. Watchmen and Before Watchmen were attempting to be pretty serious explorations, this is a big wacky superhero crossover. From the tiny bit we’ve seen it already makes no sense that Comedian’s button has mystical powers that can send people through dimensions. The same that Dr Manhattan who’s main journey is he loses interest in earthly matters is now spending his time manipulating the Nu52 design of Robin’s costume.

So you have to take it as a big rather silly romp. I think if there’s anyone out there actually expecting a Watchmen 2 they’ll be the ones most disappointed.


Oh, I don’t think anyone expects it to be a direct Watchmen sequel in that way.

I meant more whether it will be a story that seeks to tie the story of that book explicitly into the DC universe (and maybe even bring the characters over to be a part of that universe going forward) - or whether it will just be a high-concept story that uses the Watchmen characters and concepts in a more separate way, and stands pretty clearly apart from the Moore/Gibbons series.

Maybe the lead-in books have already given a sense of which it will be, I don’t know.


Met Nick at Fan Expo. He would love to do interiors but is very busy because he does artwork for other industries and will not ever sign an exclusive again because he would rather being in charge of his time then have someone tell him what to do and when to do it. He was a great guy and I bought some original art from him. they were pages from Wolverine and the X Men he did with Aaron. I will upload them when I get home if I can.

Edit: here are the pages

Kid Gladiator and Quentin were among my favorites from that series. The shot of Gladiator slugging Cyke was a plus too(sorry Scott fans)


I think one of the early fan theories was that it would turn out that the DC universe (or some iteration of it) would end up being the ‘life’ that Manhattan goes off to create at the end of Watchmen.

I don’t know if that’s still on the table or not, but it would possibly provide a justification for that kind of thing.


Yeah I understood what you meant. I have read though some very excited to see it as a direct sequel, I just don’t care if they want to make it that or not (not just with regard to Watchmen, I gave up caring about canon and continuity in general a long time ago, just make stories entertaining).

The lead-in books give you no idea, they really are super limited in what they reveal. There’s a smiley
badge that has a super crackle and hints that Dr Manhattan is probably behind something, that’s it.

It may be, it’s still daft though. :smile:


Apparently, there are a contingent of fans who wish they had a relationship like Joker and Harley, most likely due to the somewhat watered down depiction of it in the Suicide Squad movie.


Nah, that’s been a thing for years. A group of people love the whole “Natural Born Killers” thing for ages.


My point was that this isn’t something that should be shared. If anyone wants to find crap like this, it can be somewhere else.


Oh yes we do :rage:


Preview of Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight #1. What if Joker was cured of his insanity and decided to show everyone that Batman is Gotham’s real villain?

Really intrigued by this. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this interested in a Batman project. I personally have been burned-out by continuity (or lack thereof).


I love Murphy. My only fear is that with what happens in that preview that it’s a step too far for Batman.


Love Murphy’s artwork. I’ll definitely pick up the eventual deluxe hardcover.


Murphy lives by me and is doing some kind of signing/party at my local when that comes out. I may have to go.


I’d like to meet him someday. A friend snagged me a sweet Punk Rock Jesus print from him a few years ago at C2E2.


Well, it’s an Elseworld, so it’s basically a “what if Batman was really REALLY violent”

We know Batman is not bad for Gotham, this is the story about what if he was.


It sounds like a great idea that Murphy has come up with, and quite an original one which is not easy to do after 75 years

The only quandary I have over it is whether to read it as it is coming out or wait for a collected volume and read it all in one go


That art looks great. I love Hollingsworth’s colours. Their work together on Tokyo Ghost was fantastic. I’ll definitely be picking this up.


Looling forward to this. A lot. But, I hope that we also see his formerly-known-as-All-Star-Batman collaboration with Snyder soon too. I wouldn’t put it passed DC to have that languishing on a shelf indefinitely. Which would be annoying.


I thought they had talked about issuing those in an OGN format as the All-Star book wasn’t getting the traction they expected.


Snyder’s just started working on it, and Murphy has confirmed that it’s still happening and will be the last book he does as artist-only (as in, he’ll be writing everything he draws himself from now on)