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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I think it’s just a rag that they’re planning to hang outside Alan Moore’s bedroom window so it’s the first thing he sees every morning.


Oh it’s terrible design, I said so in my first post. I think what it is trying to signify is nothing more than “hey we’re combining Watchmen and the Justice League, give us money now please.”


The stains clearly came from where he threw his tea at it.


:pearls clutched: :wink:


Check out the Dark Night: Metal #4 cover. Don’t click if you haven’t read issue #1.



Judge Death much?






This looks incredible.


Grifter never goes out of style


I wish DC would stop teasing us with variant covers and just get Nick Bradshaw on some interiors. He’d be ace on an arc of Super Sons or Teen Titans, but I’d love to see his Batman or Wonder Woman too.



Still looking forward to this.

The Smashing Pumpkins already have a song for it even. :wink:


Nostradamus predicted all this


I can’t deny I’m fascinated to see how the whole thing plays out. I don’t have any interest in reading the story myself, but it will be interesting to see how it is received by readers.

It feels like quite a daring thing to do to tie current DC continuity to Watchmen - not from an editorial point of view particularly, but more for the creators, in terms of all the issues it will raise and the comparisons it will invite.

Interestingly though, there seems to be less negative heat over Doomsday Clock than there was over Before Watchmen - perhaps because those prequel series already broke the ‘taboo’ of DC continuing to exploit Watchmen as a property with new creators.

It feels as though people are more cautiously interested in this new story, rather than jumping to immediately write it off as a lot of people did with Before Watchmen.


I think the first thing to breach that gap was going to be the one to draw heat. The seal is broken now and a lot people don’t feel like they’re required to hate anything new connected to Watchmen.


For me I also think Before Watchmen was trying to add to the canon. I’m really just treating this as an Elseworlds thing, just the same as if they’d introduce Marvelman to the Marvel universe, it’s something outside. Without being at all precious the concept is a little silly with the Batman logo Rorsharch mask etc.


Yes, I think that’s exactly it.

I guess it remains to be seen whether they’re seeking to make this a direct continuation of the story of Watchmen - but yes, we always have the option as readers to not treat it as such, either way.

We can treat it as something other, even if it tries to be a direct sequel.


Is this something that people are truly interested in? Granted, it’s fictional characters but do we really want to see a video of the worst things someone’s done to another?