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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Does it include spoilers? Should it be spoiler tagged?




No worries. That was genuine question. I haven’t read the article, but I know that a lot of people are looking forward to this book.


The only thing about the above is how are you supposed to know what the link is about?

If you are going to paste a link that contains spoilers in the title, then spoiler tag the link and put a brief line underneath to say what comic the link concerns.

If there’s no spoilers in the name of the link but spoilers in the article, then add a warning that the article contains spoilers

I never clicked on it, but that could be a link to an article on anything DC related, I’m none the wiser but I’m not taking the risk


I took the bullet for you :wink: It’s a spoiler for the first issue of Dark Nights: Metal…


I just finished Metal and the spoiler is huge so avoid all articles about because it doesn’t happen until the very last page and , with my thought patterns, I would missed all the good stuff that happens before then by thinking how does it tie in, etc etc.


Thanks for the warning, Don.


Oh man I can’t wait to read it tonight. And the other books I bought too.


OK, I looked - it is one of those bits of news that either massively encourages you about the story or irritates greatly because you wanted it to be a surprise more.

For myself, I fall into the former category. And it sounds so very, very good.

Now, changing tack - Dogwelder & Sixpack mini - worth £9.28 for the trade?


Yeah. Go for it. It’s similar to All Star Section 8, but not quite so harrowing, and is genuinely quite funny at times. It’s also got Ennis writing JC again, so what more do you need?


So it’s… bueno?


It’s a love letter to Steve Dillon from Garth Ennis.


Yeah. The last issue. But it wasn’t originally intended as such. Steve died mid-way through it.


Yeah, but in an overall sense, it really does tie it together.
The whole mini beforehand centered around a character that was made up during a game with shared drinks.

It was…a really nice connective tissue.


You guys can all say what you will about ice cream, but I happen to think it’s quite delicious!


Re: the reveal at the end of Metal…Never heard of that character. Ever.
Re: the series. I’m out.


Are you talking about Dream from Sandman?


Yes. I never read one issue of said character.


It’s the same character as Morpheus, it’s just the new form that he takes at the end of Gaiman’s main series. He’s cropped up in a few places here and there over the years since.