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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yeah, also no offence to Hitch, I’d prefer they get Robinson back on JSA as well.

Good luck to him on whatever he moves into next.


Real Heroes was a cool idea.
It was also hallmarked by the sameness bland writing as his JL run.

I got no confidence in him.


Did Real Heroes finish? I just realized I must have lost track of it somewhere along the way.



It had 2 issues to go I think, and the plot had only started in the last released one.



The inclusion of three Section 8 characters in the list show the writer has completely failed to understand the fact the team is meant to be useless.


Yeah, slinging Dogwelder and Sixpack into a list of useless heroes says they’ve missed the joke - perhaps a dogwelding will enlighten them?

Also - Bat-Cow? Another really fun joke being treated seriously.


Bat-Cow is in the top five Bat-family members anyway. How dare it be put in a bottom fifteen list!


Also, the article doesn’t even get basic facts right:

From the planet Somahtur, Drura Sehpt (Infectious Lass’ alter ego) was the first of her kind to travel from her world to the United States.


There is no “United States” in the 30th century. As anybody above a 3rd-level intelligence would obviously realise.


Tenzil Kem sure tackles tough jobs that no one else seems to want, but even still, the character is far from useful in a fight against the likes of Darkseid, Brainiac, or any of the other countless DC baddies.

Oh yeah? Does this look useless? Does it??? :angry:



Hangs around…waits for David’s defense of Arm Fall-Off Boy :wink:


Orion is a Bully Who Grew Up in a Mansion
Orion is always written as this gruff, “Augh, I’m suffering!” kind of guy. He’s like the Wolverine of the New Gods, right? He’s like, “Oh, the world is so terrible, I’m the son of Darkseid, I’m destined to kill him, blah blah blah.” But, dude! He was raised in Heaven.
He’s like the bully who’s actually just the rich kid who grew up in a mansion. He’s like, “Oh, you don’t understand me!” Dude, you grew up on the upper west side, what are you talking about?!

I cannot be less excited for this miniseries now.


Sounds prefect to me. :wink:


I prescribe one of these, stat.
Doc’s orders.


I’ll just pick up a new copy of this instead. :wink:


You monster. :open_mouth:


An interesting panel from Dark Night: Metal. So pumped to see the first issue next week.


Next week already?



Does he kiss him? I think that’d be the only thinkable thing left for Batman and Superman to do to each other.


He sues Batman for trademark infringement. Totally nicked the cape, dude.