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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I wouldn’t mind if Shane Davis wrote a New Gods series, or at least another special or mini, after that issue.
It was astonishingly competent and fun in a way I haven’t seen in ages.


I think I’ll pick this up today, was pondering these New Gods specials but wavered on the creative teams - sounds like Davis can write, I’ll give it a bash.


I’ve changed my mind a lot on steve orlando over the past couple of years.
I’ve gone from finding him to be almost unreadable to actually capable of very good stories from time to time.
There was a couple of good one off justice league spotlights he did and his justice league America series has been a bit inconsistent, but never bad - just ranging from decent to really good.

His man from monster valley storyline has been really great. It takes some familiar ideas (Tarzan, California Man) but puts a neat spin on it. And it’s all written in a very readible way. Nice straight forward comics with a really good antagonist.

He’s also doing a pretty good job with the cast of characters he’s chosen for this line up and it’s a line up that I like a lot.

I’m looking forward to this book with every issue now. Another solid string to the DC bow since rebirth.

They are getting a lot right a year on.

No idea how well received it has been?


Yeah I wasn’t very confidant about the creative teams either.
Especially for Orion and Black Racer…but Davis does a good job keeping everything consistent.
I usually go in expecting things to feel too “modern”, this stayed clear of that.


I’ve been a Sejic fan for a while so it’s great to see him getting exposure on a DC book. Particularly as he’s had some serious health problems the last few years that really did a number on his output. (Including practically sinking Ravine, which he hopes to revive as a free webcomic at some point His other creator-owned books are Death Vigil and Sunstone.)

(I’d add Linda Sejic is someone else to keep an eye - Wildfire with Hawkins writing is a fun read, Blood Stain her own book completely, is a very funny one.)


Loved this issue so much I wrote this review about why it’s good and why we need more like it from DC.


Duplicate post


Did anyone know that @bryanhitch was leaving Justice League? I just saw it in an offhanded remark in the article below. There seems to be mixed stories whether this is his last arc or the next arc is. I’ll be sorry to see him go but watching for whatever he does next. His writing and occasional art on this book has been stellar. The previous iteration of his JLA was one of the books that I think turned DC around and shaped their Rebirth efforts.


I hope he lands somewhere that he can surprise us in.

I have found his JL run really boring, but he’s too good a talent elsewhere to not try and find a proper fit for.


I find this post really boring. :wink:


Yes, he’s announced it a few times on twitter.

Hints seem to be that next up for him is JSA, or some JSA-related character (Hawkman?). I think his words were “I could pull an ultimates with them” or something (which seems counter to the Rebirth program, but who knows).

It’d be cool to see him on a book where he can do his thing. Maybe an Earth 1 book of some sort, or a prestige format book in that attempt to create evergreen stories. He’s never seemed to like being limited by page counts :slight_smile:

EDIT: and just in case any are not aware, he’s drawing a Hwkman book written by Jeff Lemire with inks by KEVIN NOWLAN. WOWZER

But that’s just for one issue. We’ll have to wait and see if that means anything going forward.


Actually, I think you’ll find this is Boring:



Just keep him away from JSA. That’s all I ask Monkey’s paw.


Err, well, that could leave you disappointed. :slight_smile:

I’m willing to try almost anything. But it would be bizarre to bring James Robinson back and NOT have him work on JSA.



And no offense to Hitch, but Robinson’s Earth 2 was the best ultimate-ization that te JSA could have.


Hitch on JSA would be great.


Maybe if just on art.


It really just depends on the take.

If Hitch says he’s got a cool take, I’m down for it. But nothing of his work up to this point really makes me think “Oh, he’s perfect for JSA” (unlike JLA, which I think he was perfect for – wide screen action is the definitive approach to that book, IMHO, where as JSA demands something more historical, and intimate).

But maybe he’d go in a different direction, and maybe it would be great.

Still, JSA in particular, I don’t think is very interesting unless it’s a historical project. That’s what makes THE GOLDEN AGE one of the best JSA stories of all time. It’s grounded in its period. A modern version of the team can and has worked, but I do think its at its best when it’s backwards looking. One of the few books I’m happy to allow to become fetishistic about the past.


Nope. I want to see him write it. :wink:


I was just trying to think of something to re-read. Thanks bud.