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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

[Batman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Chief O'Hara consider which supercriminal might have been behind the fake yacht and exploding shark attack.]
Gordon: Could be any one of them, but which one? W— which ones?
O'Hara: [gasps]
Batman: Pretty fishy what happened to me on that ladder.
Gordon: You mean, where there's a fish, there could be a Penguin.
Robin: But wait! It happened at sea! See? "C" for Catwoman!
Batman: Yet... an exploding shark was pulling my leg!
Gordon: The Joker!
O'Hara: [It] all adds up to a sinister riddle. Riddle-er. Riddler?
Gordon: Oh, A thought strikes me. So dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance.
Batman: The four of them. Their forces combined...
Robin: Holy nightmare!



Don’t be misled by the cover, which refers to the second story in the comic. The Kite Man story is 8 pages, and features a mystery, gangsters, a fight, peril for Batman (and Robin), and a clever reversal which sees Batman and Robin win. If that’s a joke, then so is every other Batman comic I’ve read. (Except for The Killing Joke. That’s obviously not a joke.)

You could Put the Joker or the Penguin or anyone in this panel and it would still work. Are they jokes?



Lock them all up in Arkham! :worried:


Hmmm…good call. I guess I’m wrong, on the internet, for the first time ever. :frowning:

It still doesn’t mean the character should get a rebooted origin that is so dark, however.


I remember there being a joke in Wizard about some up and coming writer at the time (I think it might have been Geoff Johns) who was taking old, lame, jokey villains and making them serious and dark. I seem to remember them joking that Kite Man should be redone as a guy who makes his kite suit out of human skin. This may not be physically darker than that but I think it’s emotionally darker.


I have a six year old son who sees the innate goofiness in Kite Man. Now, that could be because he’s incredibly intelligent and mature for his age or because Kite Man’s just plain goofy.

As for the Penguin, I can easily believe a short, overweight man is a criminal. His character may have been revamped from a short, overweight guy that wears a tuxedo to commit crimes to a short, overweight crime lord that wears a tuxedo but that revamp didn’t come from a very dark, way out of left field place.


Superman #20 - 25, “Black Dawn”, by Tomasi, Gleason and Mahnke was a great arc. Probably my favourite since the first, and a brilliant way to wrap up the first year of this book.

Hamilton always felt like a poor man’s Smallville, but events conspire to make it so much more. The return of Manchester Black & the Elite was nicely done, providing a thematic sequel to their infamous earlier appearance.

The art team were firing on all cylinders this arc. A perfect tag team. And Tomasi wrote some genuinely tense and emotional scenes to match.

I’m sad to see this era of the title come to a close, to be honest, but I have a lot of faith in this creative team, and look forward to where they will take us next (following the next 3 fill in issues, that is!).


Is Doomsday Clock supposed to be a 12 issue series now?


I think it always was. It’s set a year in the future, the gimmick being that the other DC books will have caught up to the beginning by the time it ends.


Yup it seems so.

After stepping away from writing comics for a bit after the conclusion of his run on Justice League to focus on his duties as CCO of DC Entertainment, Johns is returning to writing comics with the 12-part mini-series Doomsday Clock, which spins out of last year’s DC Rebirth Special and shows the meeting of Superman and Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan, set one year in the future of the DCU


I swear it was originally announced to be 4 issues. Or am I conflating that and “The Button”?


'Cos that worked so successfully the last time they tried it with “For Tomorrow” :thinking:


Maybe, I can’t recall a length for the series being given before this. It seems Paul saw it there but I think it must have been subtly done.


Hmm, I must have missed the Doomsday Clock news, if they pull it off, could be quite a coup.


Well, this is happy news:


There’s no way Gary Frank is going to be able to draw 12 issues monthly. Won’t happen. So, I really just hope DC don’t mess this up with fill in artists. I don’t need random pages of the book drawn by Manapul or Reis, just to get this out on time. It needs to be a consistently high quality product all the way through, or it’s going to fail to live up to its potential.

The only acceptable alternative, at least as far as I’m concerned, would be a multiple arc type structure. 1-3 by Frank, 4-6 by Fabok, 7-9 by Frank, and so on …


Pretty certain I thought the same Cassaday’s 6 issues of Star Wars before they came out.

If DC have planned this right and given Frank time enough, the same could happen here.


I assume he’s already been working on them for at least a couple months now.


They did announce it way back so there is every chance they have built in a long lead time. Saying that Gary Frank is not the slowest artist but looking at his bibliography there’s nothing there with 12 issues in a row, except for Supreme Power and I’m not sure how timely that was.