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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Aye, that’s what’s got me worried about his Mister Miracle series.

The artwork was great but the lettered pages are blunting the effect of those same pages.


I thought there was an effort more recently to move Batman away from the grimdark areas. This sounds like a story more in line with Killing Joke or other dark Batman tales. Just reading the summary makes my stomach a little queasy and I don’t have kids.


Yeah, if you think a character named Kite Man needs to be darker…


If this is indicative of what the War of Jokes and Riddles is going to be then I’m not interested.


Ok, so he’s made 3 appearances it seems in the two trades I’ve read, clearly they were memorable as I don’t recall them.

That origin is more than a little messed up.


Here’s a sneak peek of the newly revealed true origin of Mr. Banjo:



Metal* human


I’m a wee bit behind on some books…

Detective 958 was immense. Just a really brilliant issue to kick off this latest arc. Tynion IV is doing a great job of keeping this book fresh, as he gives the spotlight to different characters every few issues.


Tom King said something interesting last weekend in SDCC. He said he likes Kite Man because he wasn’t originally created as a joke and comics are all about taking those silly ideas seriously.

I mean, he has a point. Nowadays we don’t seem to realize that a man that dresses up like a Bat is something really silly, but comics embrace all that madness as serious business.


Just binged through Scooby-Apocalypse…

Decades might have proven the longevity of the Scooby-Doo concept, but this is a comic that might just prove its versatility. It’s a really well done survival horror comic, and it doesn’t shy away from much (outside of going too far but it breaches a lot of lines anyway) and if it sticks whatever landing they want to do…it’d be really cool to read all in one go.


This is the issue that the character first appeared in. He wasn’t created as a joke? I don’t know if I agree with Tom there.

(Side note: Batman’s granny panties…yikes)


They’re shorts!


I find it hard to believe a character named “Kite Man” wasn’t made as a joke.


Jorts perhaps?


Batman is John Cena…or Kevin Smith?


We see those comics retroactively as a joke, but there’s nothing inside that issue that parodies itself and it’s not intended to be funny. Neither the characters nor the story realize how ridiculous that is. It’s not dark, but it’s taken with complete sincerity. There is a difference.

Do you really believe The Penguin is any less ridiculous?


Umm… I think you’re stretching it a bit there. I can’t imagine Bat-Mite was ever meant to be taken serious.


You have to keep in mind that those comics were intended for kids. Kids take all that stuff seriously.


I dunno.

I feel like there’s a difference between sincerity, yes, and seriousness.