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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Remember that Year One and Hush were just issues of the regular series. They could be thinking along those lines again. No need for separate branding,


Isn’t that what they should always be doing?


Sorry :laughing: Pun genuinely not intended.


Perfect answer :slight_smile:


I get the sense that the White Knight thing is part of this line. Not 100% sure, but I think so.

So, I think what you’re going to get is a bigger format. Things released in ‘prestige’ format, perhaps with large page counts, but not strictly OGNs (although i suspect those will be there).

Earth One, as mentioned, are all 120 page OGNs, no continuity, and very ‘grounded’ (ie, ripe for TV/film adaptation) sensibility. They seem much more constrained to me.

All Star is the better comparison – maybe All Star done right, with more flexibility per story.

I’m pumped about it.


Nah, they seem to be talking about a new branding thing.

The Scott Snyder/Sean Murphy thing was moved out of the ‘regular’ title of All Star Batman for this.


Not really, this is something new, a line of prestige and original graphic novels not strictly set in any continuity. Writers are going to be allowed to do whatever they want.


Continuity can be an hindrance sometimes. I happen to think that sometimes some of these characters are too big for any continuity. It hinders their true potential. There’s a reason why the best Superman stories are USUALLY the ones that are outside continuity.


Saw this at Newsarama. Looks great for old school WS. some gorgeous art in the Preview too. nice to see Holden and Misery as well as shoutouts to Wetworks and Stormwatch, both original and P.H.D.


Say what you will about Adam West, but…


Oh that looks very nice. Might have to put some monies down


I’ve never been a massive WildStorm fan but I think I’m going to pick it up on strength of the talent alone. There are some great names in there.


Who here is saying bad things about Adam West? The general consensus, even before he died was that his portrayal was enjoyed.




In fairness, DC published Challengers of the Unknown, before Marvel ever published Fantastic Four.


In fairness, that’s only because Jack Kirby was at DC before he was at Marvel :wink:



Wow. That’s dark.


And completely unnecessary and incongruous with how dumb the character is.