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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’d buy as it comes out, then read both together - spreads the cost more easily.


Do you think DC would ever collect them into one volume after they’re both out though? Maybe I should wait for that. :thinking:
I can’t think of them publishing anything in this format before (in the last few years anyway) so I guess nobody knows what they’ll do?


I’d be sceptical as they’re issuing them in hardback, but you never know.

It’s a new format so if we want more of it, the first series has to sell well, that’s motive to buy the 2 hardbacks. $12.99 will be around £10, online discount probably take it down to £7-8 which for a quality, 64-page hardback is reasonable.


Good point. I think I’ll jump in then.
Damn DC for making so many good moves these days.


It’s hard to keep up, they are bringing out so much good stuff…and never resting on their laurels.


Besides, you know I’ll be posting the best price I find for it over in the Trades thread - DC would be fools to not make this available in bookshops, so I expect they will.


More Grant Morrison Batman is on the way, in an Arkham Asylum sequel with Chris Burnham!

Apparently it will be set in the dystopian future timeline from Batman #666 (with the Damian Wayne Batman).

Also confirmed is the sequel to Wonder Woman: Earth One with Yanick Paquette (and a likely third book too)!

Great news on both counts. Some of that Wonder Woman art looks lovely.


Great news on WW and wonderful news on AA

That’s a huge announcement.


Wonder Woman: Earth One is one of my favorite depictions of the character.


I thought WW:EO could have been more interesting - but Paula Von Gunther has my attention.

WW’s rogues gallery needs more love.


Ditto. I knew they were planning to do more but it’s great to have it confirmed.


I thought it was a given. Should have mentioned when I talked to Paquette in the Spring at C2E2 he said he was working on it.


Yeah, I think he was already working on volume two when the first book came out, but even then you never know - sometimes projects get halted, and there has been quite a lot of change at DC lately. Glad it is still on the cards.


That’s fair.


Aekham Asylum 2 with Chris Burnham is such a weird announcement. I’ll buy it immediately of course but I don’t see what connection it could have to the first (which is pretty interesting, but far from my favourite Bat-story).
It just doesn’t feel like DC without Grant.
Where’s his Flash book?


Are you ready for DC’s Fantastic Four by Jeff Lemire?


For the adults, DC wants to release more books known as Evergreens. These are self-contained stories like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns that stand apart from the bunch to their accessibility and sophistication. It doesn’t hurt that both of those books are still among DC’s highest sellers either and Lee and DiDio want to recreate that success. Referencing creators who are interested in storytelling but not dealing with the monthly grind of comic creation, DiDio and Lee said they want to give a new level of support to writers and artists who want to “tell the very best Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League stories.”

This excites me a lot. Sounds like Mr. Millar has found the perfect place for his Superman epic.


Behold! The Evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse!

This is so stupid. I LOVE IT! :grinning:


A Flash book by Morrison would be good but I would prefer he do Green Lantern or a Captain Marvel book.


The crime is liffffeeeee… The sentence is…

Wait, wrong continuity.