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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Did you read Batman & Robin: Eternal? Vol 3 is a pseudo- sequel to that. Very similar in tone, and picking up on a few dangling plot threads from that series.


Nope, it had nowhere near the positive buzz Batman: Eternal had so I avoided it.


Well, some of 'Tec vol 3 is going to go straight over your head then, Ben, but if you can get it for a good price I think it may still be worth a punt. There’s still a lot to like here - especially if you like Cass and The Colony as antagonists.


Yeah, it’s pretty crap


Well, that pretty much seals that then! :laughing:


Set in an alternate version of the DC Universe where Governor Lex Luthor has transformed the traditional dystopia of Gotham City into a contemporary paradise known as The Garden, Gotham City Garage centers on those who don’t believe in his program of keeping all citizens locked up to one networked mindset that he controls. And these members of the resistance just happen to be versions of familiar DC heroines.

“Gotham City Garage is an anti-fascist anthem for the open road, starring reimagined takes on DC’s great female characters through an outlaw lens,” Collin Kelly, who’ll co-write the series with Jackson Lanzing, said in a statement. “We’re bringing Big Barda, Steel, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Silver Banshee, Hawkgirl and the first Kryptonian this world has ever seen — the mysterious girl named Kara Gordon — into a world of bikes, outlaws and elaborate tattoos.”

Art for the series will come from a rotating team led by Supergirl’s Brian Ching, with the second arc illustrated by Lynne Yoshii, a graduate of the DC Talent Development Workshop. The series will debut as a digital comic book Aug. 16, with new chapters released every two weeks through October, at which point it’ll up to a weekly frequency. Also in October, a print edition of the series will debut.

I have Kelly and Lanzing’s Joyride on my Comixology, but haven’t gotten to it yet.


Yeah, I snagged the first volume a while ago and still haven’t read it.
This new series sounds cool enough for me to check out the first few chapters when they drop. I’m hopeful.


DC’s October solicits are up in the usual spots, and collected in the Solicitations for October 2017 thread.

Solicitations for October 2017 (w/ Previews Text)

I just got caught up on the last couple issue of Detective and it remains my favourite of the Rebirth books. The stories have been consistently good, and they feel big in scope and don’t scrimp on the character moments either.

But the real star has been Alvaro Martinez on art. Solid storytelling, he does fantastic action scenes and really packs a lot on the page.


The middle page you posted is absolutely gorgeus. Reminds me of Jim Cheung.

I’m waiting for a few more weeks before I get back on the Detective train, I want to binge read… :wink:


Solicits for October are up.

It looks like DC might be getting into the BD style album business. To me, that’s very cool.

Art and cover by ENRICO MARINI
Acclaimed European comics master Enrico Marini (Eagles of Rome, Le Scorpion) makes his American comics debut with an original, two-part graphic novel starring the Dark Knight! What secret connection do both Batman and The Joker share with a strange and mysterious young girl? After she’s kidnapped by The Joker, Batman must plunge deep into the underworld of Gotham City and race against time to find out where she’s being held. The stakes are high, and for Batman, it’s personal!
Watch for BATMAN: THE DARK PRINCE CHARMING BOOK TWO coming in spring 2018!
ADVANCE SOLICITED • On sale NOVEMBER 1 • 64 pg, FC, 7.0625” x 10.1875” • 1 of 2, $12.99 US • RATED T+


Olivier Coipel doing interiors for DC is pretty cool. Don’t think I’ve seen him on a DC title since his Legion run in the early 2000’s.

The Metal event is certainly taking over a lot more books than I thought it would. I’m still confused as to why DC are doing this and the Doomsady Clock series at the same time. Unless they tie in together, it seem like an odd move to me.


I agree that it’s nice to see him at DC.

Ya. I thought it was going to be fairly self contained. Has Doomsday Clock been solicited? I didn’t realize it was running concurrently.


November, I think.


It’s another Snyder event - you can get by just reading the main series and ignore everything else. That’s what I always do. It’s probably why I’m rarely disappointed.


Completely agree. Martinez is amazing. That splash page with Zatanna is pure :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️.


Yeah Detective is really good.

Lots of good story ideas and lots of fun - and the art is great as you say.


I had planned on ignoring everything except for what Snyder writes. It’s good to know this is a valid tactic. :wink:


Marini !?

Fucking hell, that should be excellent if he can write as well as he can draw! Scorpion is absolutely superb:


Would you buy the first trade on release then, Ben? Or wait to stack both parts up?
These BD style albums are complicating things.