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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


And the tyranny of timetables and conclusions.


The tragedy of All-Star Batman and Robin, the great.


You want the latest issue Punk? Eat glass and rats.


Who wouldn’t?
Catwoman was about to show up.


Oh? Hadn’t heard that.

So, it would have started with a long, leering ass shot then?


Miller was shameless…why does he get castigated for it again? :slight_smile:


I think DC likely regretted making that script available!


Nah, it’s honestly Miller’s best defense.

That entire script showcases how much fun he was having writing the thing and how very not-so-seriously he was trying to make the story.
Really takes the wind out of the sails of people trying too hard to use it as a cross for him.


Serious question: do the Earth One books all share a common continuity or are they all separate? I’ve only read a few of them but not enough to know.


Multiversity says they do - the books themselves have never shown any interest in the others.









Unless it turns out that being captured and faking his death was all part of a master plan to screw over Batman, with Tim having super-skills he kept secret from him, because he was really, really pissed off with Batman all along!

(Nope, not still cheesed off by Detective Comics Volume 2 trade, nope, not at all.)


Ben, Ben, Ben. Her name’s Spoiler. Of course she’s going to ruin it for you. It’s what she does.


Oh, spoiling is the name of the game? OK, fine, stake the little bastard out in a desert so she fries then her corpse can spoil like fruit.




I’m glad to see you’re not bitter about the experience.



More seriously, if anything, it more blasted a hole in Tynion as a writer for me. That second trade was already not great due to the whole ‘everything’s Batman’s fault’ plot but the Spoiler rubbish coming out of nowhere wrecked it entirely.

I’m on the fence as to whether to bother with either the Vol 3 trade or Batwoman due to this. Which is a shame as Volume 1 was excellent.


Batwoman vol 1 is boring. Lovely art, but boring. Don’t bother.

Detective Comics vol 3? Ra’s; Shiva; Cass being a bad ass. It’s a lot of fun. Better than vol 2 (which you know I didn’t mind). Art isn’t as great though.

Vol 4 will be amazing though. Azrael and Zatanna! :heart_eyes:


You might have sold me Vol 3, maybe…