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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


That’s the same impression I’ve got as well.
I mean, might be interesting but…feels retreading.


I don’t disagree. I like Murphy’s work. So I’m likely to give it a peak. There doesn’t seem to be much out there on the book yet. The Wired story is the first I’ve seen.


That was my initial take, though maybe Murphy can surprise on this.




Sean Murphy’s a fucking artistic legend. This could read like shit, but it would still look amazing! (Not that I think it will be shit, mind you - Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus was great too!) It’s a must buy for me.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks Murphy’s art is a lot like early Vertigo era Bachalo?


No, I absolutely feel the same, first time I saw Murphy that’s what I thought of. The biggest pointer for me was the hatching on the noses.

I think because Shade was such a massive deal for me, as was Bachelo at the time, I picked up on it right away.
Probably the same for you if the Vertigo stuff was at a formative time for you.

Shade blew my mind as a teenager. I did hold it in higher esteem than Sandman at the time.

I should add that Sean Murphy alone is enough to sell this to me, I’m in.


I’ve never actually read Shade. I paid a small fortune for the whole run years ago, but haven’t got round to reading them yet. I should probably rectify that.

Bachalo, much like Murphy, is one of the few artists who are a must buy for me, irrespective of character or writer.


I think the idea of Joker as the hero and Batman as the villain here comes more from a social consciousness angle with the lines less clear. It’s not exactly “Earth-3 Owlman and Jokester”


There was also an Elseworlds called I, Joker that played with the idea too


Not to mention MM’s own Nemesis book, which I seem to recall the strapline what if Batman was a cunt


Aye, but missing the crucial “what if the Joker was Batman” quotient.

Maybe in Nemesis Returns.


Another example is Joker was “cured” and Batman was viewed as a danger in DKR.


I was thinking about this story as well.

It is also the very basic concept behind Earth-3 Owlman and Jokester.


Dont care because I trust Sean Murphy to tell an interesting story


There are plenty of great comics that revolve around familiar ideas but that are freshened up by great creators.

Murphy’s art is enough to get me interested in this.


As some of us surmised earlier, there was a reason for the price on the Dark Nights: Metal lead up books. It looks like it will be reduced now that the series is doing better than expected.


Oh, that’s a canny move.


I get the feeling that neither Big 2 company can absorb the loss leaders into the sales of the event series like they used to. It was probably smart of DC to lead off with more expensive issues and reduce the price when they realized it was going to be financially viable. It’s actually probably better for customers in the end.


And they’re going to get some positive press cycles from this. That’s a fact.


It’s still sad when $3.99 is considered the “reduced” price.