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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


They had it in a one-shot and DC have only announced it is a new series, no length specified. (Although that is par for the course nowadays from a lot of publishers, apparently announcing something is a mini series now reduces initial sales a lot).


Aye it’s the same for Didio’s Top Cat series.

And I don’t know if it’s in my cultural blood, but I am unreasonably excited for Top Cat.


Ah I’m probably confusing it with the one shot then.


Mark Russell just pegged it as 6 issues on Twitter



Sweet. Mine should be waiting in my pull box today.


Mine should be on the way too. I’m quite looking forward to reading the whole story through in one go.



This cover for Batwoman 7 is pretty insane…



This upcoming arc seems a really interesting tale and one I don’t think I’ve seen before.


Still really looking forward to this book.


A bit of a Dark Nights: Metal preview.


What is the consensus about Dark Knight the Master Race? Is it as good as Dark Knight Returns, as good as DKSA, or doesn’t it reach those heights?


Doesn’t reach those heights. Plot is interesting.


It’s not up there but it’s an interesting continuation. Nowhere near as packed with ideas and much more conventional in its techniques, but there are some nice moments and some of the art is great.


It’s different than either one. I enjoyed it.

This post contains my review of the last issue and the series as a whole.


I think the biggest criticisms of DKIII I can muster is that the energy of the first two just isn’t as prevalent, and that it’s plot hinges on ignoring the more fascinating ideas of the end of DKSA.

Other than that, it’s not un-worth a read.


Sean Murphy’s new Batman book.


This doesn’t fill me with excitement. It sounds kinda like rehashing old ideas without much different added. I could be wrong, though.