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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

DC canceled writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace’s Second Coming title from Vertigo after disagreements over editorial changes led the duo to request the full rights to the book back, according to HuffPost .

Although not quoted directly, HuffPost reports that Russell said that DC requested the removal of some profanity and covering up male nudity in a Garden of Eden scene, with additional changes - and a delay to the book - expected. Additionally, Russell says negative attention from a Fox News report and a subsequent petition for the book’s cancellation may have indirectly contributed to DC’s plans for the story.

“DC was requesting these changes [regarding profanity and nudity] before FOX News set the outrage machine in motion, so it’s difficult to speculate what, if any, impact their campaign had on any of DC’s decision-making,” Russell said. “Though I imagine finding 200,000 auto-generated e-mails in your inbox can’t be too pleasant.”

Second Coming , which Russell and Pace now plan to take to another publisher, would have told the story of Jesus Christ rooming with a modern day superhero as they learn from each others’ approaches to doing good.

“They don’t know or care what the comic actually says about Christ," Russell continued, defending his story’s take on the religious figure. “They just feel that they and their fellow travelers should be the only ones talking about him.”


2019 is DC Comics’ year of the villain, and today the company announced one more hard blow to its battered superheroes: a global zombie apocalypse. The name of the story is, of course, DCeased .

Now, don’t get too scared, as this six-issue miniseries is not canonical. But then again, maybe do get scared, because the guy writing DCeased is Tom Taylor ( X-Men: Red , X -23 ), whose tenure on DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us series successfully wrenched reader heart-strings for years on a foundation of terrible things happening with relentless frequency.

Taylor will partner up with artists Trevor Hairsine ( Red Hood and the Outlaws ), Stefan Gaudiano ( The Walking Dead ), James Harren, and Rain Beredo ( Marvel Knights 20th ); the first issue of DCeased will hits shelves on May 1.

So how does a global zombie infection kick off in the DC Universe? How else but with Darkseid? The New God’s “techno-organic virus infects the world’s networks and spreads to some 600 million people through anything with a screen,” according to IGN. “Those affected try to remove the virus from their minds by scratching and ripping at their own flesh. But once the virus takes hold, they essentially become a rage zombie.”


Marvel Zombies would like to have a word with them.


It’s been almost 15 years! I think it’s okay for someone else to do it now.


I was using that term during the days of the SFL here at MW.


art and cover by LIAM SHARP
variant cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO
After sacrificing himself to save the entire universe from a cosmic WMD, Hal Jordan finds himself trapped inside his own power ring! And he discovers an entire universe lies inside it, populated with souls whose lives are threatened when his ring runs out of power! Can Hal save yet another universe one issue after saving the last? Only Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp know the answer within this classic run in the making!
ON SALE 05.01.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES

Probably the least batshit idea to come from Grant Morrison.


As much as I love Grant Morrison, his idea that “everything really happened” in Batman comics was always…completely insane. I don’t think anyone wants, for instance, all those crazy Silver Age stories to be canon forever. I don’t think anyone wants all those crazy Superman Silver Age stories to be canon forever. The thing DC decided, with Crisis on Infinite Earths, wasn’t to do away with the multiverse, but the idea that everything always had to be dragged along forever, just because there were comic book creators nutty enough at some prior point to have said, “Yeah. Okay. Let’s do it.”

That isn’t to say that some prior, happier version of Barry Allen is a bad thing. But Barry was killed off in Crisis because he had become a complete nonentity among readers. They dragged on “The Trial of the Flash” forever because they could. Fans suddenly started having a different impression of Barry and his legacy after his spectacular death, but…Overhauls are necessary in a continuing medium like this. Barry himself was an overhaul. If DC hadn’t killed him off, if it thought it could create a whole new Silver Age-style revamp, there simply would’ve been a new version of the Flash. But his legacy was immediately honored and…even Wally couldn’t make the concept interesting in modern times. It wasn’t until someone (Mark Waid) came along and revamped Wally that the Flash was relevant enough again for Barry to return, in whatever form.

These are things fans rarely like to admit, but they’re stone cold fact. Flash Fact, maybe.


Greg Rucka on a Lois Lane ongoing series?

Matt Fraction on a Jimmy Olsen ongoing?

I’m in!


Holy shit!

It’s time to go all in on the new Superman comics.



That’s an amazing double coup to get Rucka back and also to get Fraction on a mainstream book again.

DC are not resting on their laurels, they just keeping rolling this stuff out from big or respected industry names.


Yeah, I know that Fraction isn’t to everybody’s taste but he’s one of my favourites.

If Marvel was doing stuff like this then it’s clear we’d be talking about them very differently.


From an AMA on Reddit:


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Thank you ahead of time if you make it to my question.

Firstly, with the return of both Jon and Conner Kent, who is the “big brother” now that they’re roughly about the same age?

Secondly, with 2 Robins and 2 Superboys, will we see a name change for 1 from each set or will they all operate simultaneously but on separate teams? (ie- Jon/Damian with TT and Conner/Tim with YJ)

Thank you again for doing this ama!

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BENDIS: Jon and Conner will meet and work that out. On panel. PROMISE.

And yes, there will be some rebranding and some new looks. Change is good!


I don’t disagree with anything you say.

But nevertheless, I believe the idea of hoping they will “bring back” a beloved character is innately wrong-headed, because by the nature of the DC continuity it can’t and won’t be the same character. (And note, I’m not judging whether the new character will be better or worse, simply that it will be different.) Geoff Johns didn’t give us Barry Allen back, he gave us the name back, and that’s all. Are we really so emotionally attached to a name that we’ll be happy to see it no matter who it’s given to?

It’s akin to the modern trend of rebooting old TV properties. Is new Starbuck remotely even vaguely similar to classic Starbuck? Clearly it’s not the same character. Same “power”, similar generic maverick attitude, similar place in a similar world, but other than those generalities it’s a brand new character that they have tagged with the same name. Same as new Barry Allen.


New Day, New discussion about Wally. In Rebirth Wally was the same one that left. He loved his wife and children even if they were not there anymore. He was friends with all the Titans and Barry. I can almost guarantee that the Wally in HiC is definitely not the same one so if you are talking about how Writers change characters I agree with you.

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I don’t think anyone ever accused Morrison of being sane. :wink:


Ha. I love the guy, but he is definitely, definitely insane.


I wonder what people’s favorite work by Morrison is. I haven’t read Invisibles yet, so far I think All-Star Superman is my favorite. Then maybe Animal Man, and Doom Patrol.

His Batman is interesting but I think he screwed it up in the end.


Or, at the very least, extremely high.