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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier.

I read the first volume as I was building up to the release of Man of Steel and was trying to read some more Superman origin stories. It’s funny that I read so many and then that movie was so different from them all, it coloured my reaction for a while.

Anyway, Earth One was probably the worst of the ones that I’d read. The art had its moments but couldn’t match Leinil Yu, Gary Frank or John Byrne in his heyday. The villain was weak, but that isn’t much of a big deal with an origin story since you’re focusing on the hero. It’s a shame that what he did with Clark didn’t excite me either. Superman is super smart (smarter than Batman, really) but the way he showed it in the job interviews and whatnot didn’t work for me. Also, the twist from the villain that Krypton was destroyed by him, instead of exploding accidentally, had been done in Johns and Frank’s Action Comics run during the Brainiac story. I have fond memories of that story, reading it as a palate cleanser after Final Crisis. It was as refreshing as lemon sorbet.

It’s like a three-star comic for me, and the second volume felt even more throwaway, with the retooling of Parasite being kind of rubbish and the soap opera personal struggles of Clark aren’t very interesting either. I bought the third volume in a digital sale aaaaaaaaaaages ago, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it.

I’m not hating on JMS in general though. He was a big deal for me in my early teens with his Marvel work, and I never even read the “good” part of his Spider-Man run. :sweat_smile:
His Thor was great, as you rightly pointed out (until Siege came and broke the ending).


I’m not sure anything has changed for Azzarello.

He’s not overly interested in superhero books so DC need to offer him platforms like Black Label in order to persuade him to do work for them.


That’s my reading too Chris. He wrote Wonder Woman like a Vertigo book and I enjoyed it but I don’t think he has a huge interest in mainstream books and you could go back to something like For Tomorrow, pairing him with Jim Lee, and response was quite torn.


Tom King wrote a comic in which the same thing repeats over and over?!?.


Millarworld - Solicitations for April 2019

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So the DC PR team will reveal the Heroes in Crisis killer in mid-March then?


With a cover featuring Wally West, his wife and kids. Dirty. Fuckers.


It was probably Wally and then he faked his own death to cover it up. Dirty fucker.

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Mark Chiarello being the most high profile of the lot. A surprise, given the high profile artistic projects he usually oversaw. I hope he lands on his feet at another publisher - Aftershock, Legendary, or IDW being some obvious candidates.


He’s been great on Runaways; I’m going to miss him there.


Be interesting to see what kind of redesigns he does for DC.


I’m probably in minority but I’m not happy with the move since I buy more DC and I’m one of those guys that really doesn’t like Kris Anka style… I don’t want him drawing the books I follow from DC…

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For @davidm

Mark Waid posted this on Facebook with the following comment:

Another piece from Wieringo–the other project we begged to do together but was never to be:


I would have killed to get a Waid/ Wieringo LoSH.


Another Mark Waid Facebook post:

From the late, great Mike Wieringo–the character we longed to do together more than any other.