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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


The DC Universe streaming app has quietly launched a couple days early. The comic selection for the library is baffling. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to it. Could be that they’ll flesh it out, but considering they have no original streaming content to highlight on release, you would think they’d want to wow with the comic library as a selling point.

Just some examples of what’s currently up:

25 issues of Hitman (which puts you somewhere in the middle of the 5th Hitman tpb)
36 of the first 38 issues of Robinson’s Starman (it’s randomly missing #5 and #24)
The first 24 issues of the 80s Doom Patrol (Morrison’s starts at #19, so it leaves you an issue short of what’s in the Crawling from the Wreckage tpb as that was #19-25…the newer collected edition was 19-34)
The first 3 issue of Crisis On Infinite Earths (who knows why)

There’s also a smattering of first issues of series. Basically it’s a mess right now and if it’s an indication of what they plan to ultimately offer with the service it’s definitely not going to do too well.


The catalog loading is also pretty glitchy.
Either somethings don’t show up unless you refresh for a bit, or you get inundated by duplicate links.


This is why y’all get three months free.

It’s gonna be Glitch City for a while.


The only things by Orlando that I recall reading are the Batman/Shadow team up, which I really enjoyed and Batman and the monster men, which I threw away.
If he’s on a book I’d need to see reviews before I’d pick it up.


Also liked Batman/Shadow, really glad I previewed Monster Men before buying. Very erratic. That worked with the two protagonists (well, three) not so much as solo hero. Odd! Bermejo’s Noel was quite good, and I hear he has another either just out or soon.


Solicitations for December 2018 (w/ Previews Text)

No Action Comics?


There are a few books missing from the solicits for December. I wonder if these are incomplete, or if the books are skipping this month for some reason.


Strategically, skipping December is potentially a good move - everyone’s cash is stretched due to Xmas, then January comes along, less pressure.


Well I, for one, think that Superman deserves a Christmas off.


I own the entire run, floppies, and trades. I… was a bit excessive. I enjoyed it a lot.


There isn’t a single floppy solicited for December 26th. This accounts for a lot of the books missing since most of those should come out on the 4th week of the month. The only (probable) exception isTitans (which was bi-monthly), but with the changes in Nightwing may be changing again to monthly or in limbo…


Apparently a lot of books that would have come out the week of 26th December have been put back to the first week of January.

Which makes sense - Christmas-week releases are always iffy and January 2019 has five Wednesdays.




Well that answers that question.


I think the solicitation for Titans 31 isn’t shown on any site because the cover spoils that one of the potential victims in HiC is alive in Titans 31, so he won’t be the victim in HiC#1. Follows spoiler:

Kyle Rayner appears in the cover so he will * apparently* live


What if…


So do I buy “Batman: The Damned” tomorrow or wait for the nice hardcover to put on my shelf?


Depends what that hardcover has doesn’t it? Might be the paperback has an extra issue or two.


I plan on doing both.