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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Today begins a new era in DC Comics. After the New 52 comes… well the New 52 with some extra old stuff in there. Old heroes returns, new heroes change a bit, and a bunch of books go bimonthly.

Here’s your place to talk about everything DC Comics, whether that’s the Young Animal imprint:

Or the Hanna-Barbera comics.


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Why does shaggy have a Dali 'tache?


He’s supposed to be a hipster.


Ironically, I would add.


Is there any other way to be a hipster? :slight_smile:


It’s actually more like his style is that of a hipster.

In the comic, he despises vegan pizza.


Didn’t it start a week ago? :wink:


Who doesn’t despise vegan pizza? Other than people who hate themselves I mean.


Someone stole a week for us! It must have been the naked floating blue guy!


I mentioned in the new comics thread about Dave Gibbons’ attitude to DC’s desire to mine the Watchmen stuff again.

It’s hard to quote any way to show his obvious annoyance but I found this video that, like his refusal to discuss Before Watchmen at all on Word Balloon, that show pretty strongly he’s not a fan. I think in Alan Moore’s interview he may have mixed it up with the film which Gibbons defends again.


Ten Biggest New 52 Continuity Changes “DC Universe: Rebirth” Reversed


I’m sure this will be disappointing news to a lot of folks if it’s correct:


It’s disappointing but not unexpected. The schedule has been slipping for a while. I thought the article was going to say they were completely canceled. I wonder if the new series leads out of the old.


Woah! Does Wonder Woman have machine guns on that cover?


That sucks.

Well, that’s another series I dumped money into only to see delays make sure I never got to see how the story went. Next time, I’m trade-waiting.


Tut, tut - do none of you remember Ultimates 2?


To be fair to DC, it rarely happened since the launch of the new 52.

DKIII which we knew would be delayed, Few Justice league delays towards the end, a secret six issue was delayed, and Hitches JLA.

I can totally emphathisize with your frustration, but they were pretty good at keeping their comics on schedule.

I’m just glad I stopped buying JLA after the first couple issues and waited for the trade as I have difficulty remembering month to month, never mind across delays. And I completely lose interest.

I’ll grab this if it gets finished and released in a single volume.


Did Hitch’s creator-owned series end at all?


I think it lacked two issues.


Yes, in his AMA here he did say the last two were still coming and I think one was complete but the delays are pretty terrible. It really kills interest for a lot of people and I know that’s what’s driving Mark now to stockpile stuff.