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I’ll probably check out some reviews in full to see whether it’s worth the hassle of the trip - and to be honest, after BvS I’m half-thinking it’ll be worth waiting to see if a more complete version is released on Blu-Ray.

But either way, whether I like it or not it will be my honest opinion too. :slight_smile:


Lately, the reviews have saved me a lot of time and money. GHOSTBUSTERS was okay, but it really wasn’t worth the effort to go see it. Shoulda listened to the reviews. I generally only go if they are really positive.


That Telegraph headline is kind of what I expected after having seen Sabotage, which seemed like it would be the template for Suicide Squad.


so i’m wrong. no big. but those pictures WERE old so I felt your argument needed help.


To be honest, there isn’t a world in the infinite multiverse where the Daily Telegraph would give a film like Suicide Squad a positive review.

Next: Woods - Bears Crap In Them.


I mostly know him from his fill-ins on Kermode more than his written reviews, but I like Robbie Collin as a critic. He had a great bit on the Kermode show last week that really made me want to rewatch Barry Lyndon.

(Around the 1hr38min mark)

DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More

Me too.
There are times where I think I probably prefer him to Kermode.


I like them both when they agree with me. :wink:


For a second there, I thought you meant me and @TMasters. :sweat_smile:


Bernadette and I never disagree.

… Except for that one time … over where to hide the body…


And, as usual, I was right.

I did try to warn you that the puppy would dig it up.


Well sorry for thinking a pile of bones was the perfect place to hide a dead body :rolling_eyes:


Yes but you forgot that Malamute puppies have a pretty huge appetite to match their size.

Ronnie and the rest will likely turn you into a pile of bones when they see what you’ve been saying about BvS.


It all makes so much more sense when I pretend @TMasters is Howard… :smile:


Pfft im far more other guy… Awkwardly confident one…


And far more Gosling than Duck. :slight_smile:


… Quack?


Now you’re more Lina Lamont. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best just stay silent, and look pretty.


Robbie has impeccable taste. He’s a huge comic book and genre movie fan. If he doesn’t like this I’ll probably be the same. His favourite flicks are our favourite flicks so this is a very bad sign.



A lot of critics aren’t as snobby as people think sometimes.

They’ll wax lyrical about arthouse fare but Kermode loves horror movies and Jason Statham, gave glowing reviews to Guardians of the Galaxy and even liked Minions.

James King who is another fill-in that defended The Lone Ranger (almost alone on that one).

I noted on last week’s 5 Live film show that Robbie Collin had some deeper comics knowledge.