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next to azzarello is Mark Waid, I remmber because I made a drunken fool of myself when I met him after a drink up at C2E2. Ask Jim he was there when it happened.

Isn’t that Nicola with her arm around Amanda? and Rucka is in there somewhere, he has to be


I don’t think that’s Waid (see below). Just met him at C2E2 this year too. I was sober. :wink:

I don’t think that’s Nicola either. :wink:


this is the picture of Nicola I was using

tall and blond

I went with Waid because he is short and round and facially looks similar to that man in the pic
current pic of Waid

google can lie with old pics


Still striking out. :wink:

If you’re talking directly next to and slightly in front of Azzarello, that’s John Ostrander.


OK. This article has a proper listing of everyone. Looks like the blonde woman is Diane Nelson.

From left to right: Geoff Johns, Jimmy Palmiotti, Misty Lee (in the back), Amanda Conner (wearing two casts from a vacation spill), DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson, Paul Dini, Tom King,Jim Lee, Steve Orlando, Scott Snyder, Frank Miller, Jai Nitz, Brian Azzarello, two fellows I don’t recognize (apologies), John Ostrander, Dan DiDio, two more unknown, Paul Leviz and Mike Gold.

The last “unknown” is definitely Greg Capullo. Not sure about the other ones.


From the Suicide Squad embargo thread:


I’m going, if I don’t like it then it’ll be my honest opinion.

But I won’t read the reviews until after I’ve seen it.


Ach, that’s a shame, I would’ve liked it to be good.

I’ll probably still go see it, but I’ll pack more beers, I guess.


I’ll probably check out some reviews in full to see whether it’s worth the hassle of the trip - and to be honest, after BvS I’m half-thinking it’ll be worth waiting to see if a more complete version is released on Blu-Ray.

But either way, whether I like it or not it will be my honest opinion too. :slight_smile:


Lately, the reviews have saved me a lot of time and money. GHOSTBUSTERS was okay, but it really wasn’t worth the effort to go see it. Shoulda listened to the reviews. I generally only go if they are really positive.


That Telegraph headline is kind of what I expected after having seen Sabotage, which seemed like it would be the template for Suicide Squad.


so i’m wrong. no big. but those pictures WERE old so I felt your argument needed help.


To be honest, there isn’t a world in the infinite multiverse where the Daily Telegraph would give a film like Suicide Squad a positive review.

Next: Woods - Bears Crap In Them.


I mostly know him from his fill-ins on Kermode more than his written reviews, but I like Robbie Collin as a critic. He had a great bit on the Kermode show last week that really made me want to rewatch Barry Lyndon.

(Around the 1hr38min mark)

DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More

Me too.
There are times where I think I probably prefer him to Kermode.


I like them both when they agree with me. :wink:


For a second there, I thought you meant me and @TMasters. :sweat_smile:


Bernadette and I never disagree.

… Except for that one time … over where to hide the body…


And, as usual, I was right.

I did try to warn you that the puppy would dig it up.


Well sorry for thinking a pile of bones was the perfect place to hide a dead body :rolling_eyes: