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The old thread was getting unwieldy.

Internet, I grant thee a new DC COMICS MOVIES THREAD!

Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion

I really liked the Superbowl Gotham City Turkish Airlines commercial.

I dig Afflack as Bruce Wayne. My only concern (and it is minor) is that he may Clooney it a bit- where he is much better as Bruce Wayne than he is as Batman. I still have an increasing amount of faith in this movie though.


Haha I thought those wee fun ads to see. It also showed Luthor had a big Impact on Metropolis getting back on it’s feet.


The Turkish Airlines ad made Gotham look like a place worth visiting, as opposed to the godforsaken hellhole you usually see in the comics.


I’m going to Metropolis, I’m not risking my parents getting shot! Hey, at least in Metropolis they got a flying alien.


And how well did that work for the city when Zod showed up? :wink:


Well…I hid underground.
Well at least Luthor fixed the City :slight_smile: Nice fellow.


I think he will be fantastic as Batman. He’s jacked and I read he did some serious fight training. And the voice sounds cool. I have high hopes.


I really like him so I hope he does well and is well receiveed. I think he will and will be.


To be honest, it feels like doing Bruce Wayne will be harder for him than Batman. I never saw him as a suave kind of guy, so that’s more the part that I’m interested in seeing.


That is true, I’m also interested in seeing Cavill’s Clark Kent.


final trailer


I love it! Batman’s fight choreography is amazing! Can’t wait to see him fight Superman.
Also can’t wait to see what Superman brings to the table :slightly_smiling:


Nice Batman movie guest-starring Superman! :stuck_out_tongue:


Which I’m perfectly happy with.


Now THAT’S my Batman! Whoo-hoo!

That movie will be worth watching for the Alfred-Bruce-interaction alone.

…is it me or would they totally have used Sabotage for this trailer if Star Trek hadn’t been there first?


That looks quite good.


Yeah, that looks like a good Batman movie.


That looked great. The fight between Batman and the thugs looked really awesome. Straight out of a comic book, but in a good way.

Almost good enough to wash the thought of Teenage Mutant Ninja Doomsday out of my mind.

Also…does Superman get any lines in the movie?


That last trailer was fantastic.

I kinda want to hear Batman with a Southie accent now.