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I thought MI3 was brilliant.


Flashback clip from the Judas Contract animated movie:


You’re right. I just hope in the months to come we won’t be hearing “another director leaves the Dceu” because that’s gonna be rough…


Did they ever find a new director for Flash?


Yeah, it’s Ben Affleck.


That would be awesome. :wink:


Fake news!


It’s being rewritten again. From page one.


Now who’s fake news. :wink:





The band’s name is actually Puffy, but because Sean Coombs was going by that nom de guerre at the time they tried to break into the US market, they called themselves Puffy AmiYumi in the west, Ami and Yumi being the singers’ names.


I was hoping it would be Lego Batman.


So is that Dick as Robin in the flashback?





Bat rumour mill engaged, again.



WB has him locked into a multi film contract. He’s not going anywhere.


I would be quite happy if they blew whole damn world up, as that article puts it. The current DC movie universe holds next to no interest for me. It’s like the Trump presidency of superhero universes. The prospect of just putting forth standalone entries for individual properties is quite exciting.