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Samurai Champloo?


I completely forgot about that show. Bad Hank.



Oh, thank God that didn’t happen!


Coolio played at my college’s graduation party. I mention this only because he was pretty famous at the time and I was surprised celebs like him did graduation gigs?


Sisqó said he’d do any event for $5k. That’s right, you could have Thong Song performed live at your family reunion.



It baffles me that this is not more widely known.


That was interesting. It blends the “Batman is a rich guy who beats up poor people” with the idea that he could also be a scared straight kind of force for social change.


Solid choice.


Reeves is a step-up from Affleck tbh, and I like Affleck’s directing. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is one of the best blockbusters from the last 5 years.


Reeves is a good choice.


He definitely has better experience of that kind of film.


No argument, he’s a very good choice.


Indeed, he is a very good choice. Someone who has experience making good blockbuster movies and those movies also revitalized a franchise. :smile:


To be fair though, the franchise was already revitalised after Rise, and that was directed by Rupert Wyatt. And for Dawn, they had the same writers and producers in place, so it’s not like Reeves had to figure it all out by himself, the way Abrams did on Trek or Wars.

He’s still a solid choice, and coming off Apes should give him the clout to make it his movie, but I imagine it won’t be easy, what with Warners and Johns breathing down your neck and the star of the movie producing and having written the (first draft of the) screenplay…


And Affleck, who can point to the Oscar on his shelf, the critical reception of (most) of his directorial efforts and, most importantly, the fact that he’s the goddamn Batman!

Reeves will be part of the team and pick his battles carefully, or they’ll be announcing a new, new director.

Abrams is unlikely to have been given a blank slate on ‘Star Wars’, he was hired to make “his” movie, but Disney and Lucasfilm will have been there every step of the way.


That might be why The Force Awakens is one of the weakest of JJ’s movies?


I think it’s a film that had to serve a lot of different goals. I still like it more than ‘Super 8’ or ‘MI:3’ though.


Heh. Funnily enough, I like it best of his stuff that I’ve seen. The Star Trek movies were just okay for me, and I hated MI:3, whereas I really liked (if not loved) Force Awakens.