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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Those are the best episodes.


Aren’t there 2 Teen Titans Go cartoons? Or did the first one just have a Teen Titans Go theme song?


The first one, the more serious “Teen Titans” had a theme song by Puffi Ami Yumi called “Teen Titans Go.”

The pure comedy series is just called “Teen Titans Go.”


Ah, that’s where my confusion was coming from. No wonder I couldn’t find the original cartoon, I kept looking for it under the Teen Titans Go title. :dizzy_face:


That was epic.


You aren’t missing much.



A few story details in this Total Film report on Justice League that I wasn’t aware of.




Ohhh, that’s ok then. I kind of assumed you were talking about a rapper :blush:


But do you think Judas Contract is the right story to be done in the TTG style with the TTG titans? Like I said first it is a hodgepodge of styles and ideas.


The only rap-like animated theme song I can think off hand is “Hero’s Comeback” by Nobody Knows for the first season of “Naruto Shippuden.”



It doesn’t look like it’s in that style. It looks like it’s in the standard DC animated style. It also looks like it connects to the previous films which is likely why we get Damian as Robin along with some other different cast choices.


Why use Damian at all? Dick is their requisite Bat family member here


It’s Teen Titans and Damian is the Robin in this universe.


But Judas Contract had nightwing not robin in that story. Not both robin and nightwing


If they did it in that style I’m sure it’d be hilarious. But I don’t care if they do or not as I’m not into the direct to video DC movies.



So when are we going to stop calling it Affleck’s Batman film? and just call it The Batman film starring Ben Affleck?


He’s the goddamn Batffleck.