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It is also I guess fairly debatable what is a scene and a moment, which the narrator to be fair freely admits. He cites the No Country gas station scene which is right on the cusp of a scene and a moment (I would call it a scene but there’s a case either way), and also the twin scene in The Shining which to me is clearly much more of a “moment.”

He does make interesting points about the fact that the characters don’t seem to live in their worlds. I would expand on that and say that a flaw with the DC films is that it seems like everyone lives in the world but their main characters, and a flaw with the Marvel films is that it seems like the main characters live in the world but nobody else does. Achieving both of those things is a bit difficult, and in terms of superhero films it was done best by Richard Donner and Sam Raimi.


I just got back from the Lego Batman Movie. It’s… well, it’s fantastic. Maybe the most fun I’ve had with a superhero movie.

Silly and funny and dynamic and colourful, and very tongue-in-cheek (it’s like an all-ages version of the Deadpool approach in places), but combined with perhaps the most emotionally mature approach to Batman yet seen in a movie. Yes, I’m serious. It asks some good questions about the character and gives some great answers.

I want to rave about loads of specific bits of it (do we need a spoiler thread for this one?), but for now I’ll sum it up like this: everything is awesome.


This is a good point. One of the most obvious problems with Snyder’s WATCHMEN is that no matter how many more scenes were added back into the movie, none of them focused on the people who were not superheroes the way that the comic did. Also, the fact that Metropolis and Gotham are right next to each other is a particularly weird geographic anomaly that makes it hard to get a good conception of what the hell this world must be like.

It’s like if Chicago was where Brooklyn is in relation to New York City. Or if Washington DC was across the river from Detroit. It’s just weird to think such two major and completely different cities are that close. It feels like the movie really needed to be more stylized - more like Tim Burton’s BATMAN or even a movie like THE MASK with such an unrealistic setting - to make sense.


[quote=“Christian, post:831, topic:7572, full:true”]Ma of Steel

Her name is Martha!


I’ve always felt it’s a huge waste to make movies set in Gotham and Metropolis and have them look like regular American cities. WB should hire architects to go mad with designs for Metropolis. (For Gotham, they really only need to update the look of the Burton films a bit.)


For Gotham they really only need to add some giant props.


Now I’m imagining Ben Affleck and Will Smith duking it out on top of a giant typewriter…


That might be enough to make me watch a DC movie…


I agree except for the ruined my childhood part.


That’s the best part!




Hmm, I am a bit of a diehard Titans fan and this looks bad. They hodgepodged so many different aspects into the story that the original story is lost. for years I hated DC because they ignored Wally and Donna. This movie does just that. Replacing them with Blue Beetle and Damien, yuck. Putting Dick in the Red Nightwing outfit, yuck. Using Brother Blood as the main villain, yuck. Using that “Metrion Zinthos” crap line from Teen Titans Go, yuck! This looks it was done by committee, or a weak writer who listened to everything any studio exec told him.


I’m not a diehard Titans fan so I thought it looked pretty good. :smile:


And Teen Titans Go! is awesome.


Which one?


Teen Titans Go! is the one that Serious Cartoon fans despise because it’s goofy, funny and light hearted and not at all like the overwrought Teen Titans cartoon that preceded it.


I like both. What does that say about me, Dr. Will?


I really love TTG when it goes full meta, and pokes at it’s Internet hate and how the noise doesn’t match with its actual ratings.

The episodes when they consciously change their animation styles to fit a demographic as part of the episode’s joke is also awesome.

The show knows what it is and just go’s hog wild and it’s engaging when it goes for it.


I’ve caught some of it occasionally - it seems like fun. I think there have been some comics tie-ins too, haven’t there?