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Because it is a nice thing to do. Old people can be awfully isolated.


She keeps telling him to give her a ring.


But why has he stopped talking to his mom!?


They could add the first king Atlan… :smiley:


Nope. He’s on The Flash and later off to Suicide Squad!


Why Did You Say That Name?


Even a year on that picture is still badass. :wink:


“Batman … did you just fart?”


It’s interesting as it’s something that doesn’t happen during their fight in the source material for that part of the movie (Miller’s DKR). The mask comes straight off in the comic.

Either way, the design work for BvS was my favourite aspect of the movie, I think.


To be fair, there aren’t a lot of ways (if any) that his helmet gets damaged like that and his skull doesn’t get crushed. It still looks cool.

I think I like Batman’s tactic during the Doomsday fight best which seems to be “don’t die”. :wink:



:laughing: Okay, I’m now hurting from laughing!


Ha! That’d be AWESOME!

Imagine the endless threads of debate :smile:


We don’t need to imagine them.


Can we get him to do a Millar/Dodson’s Trouble style prequel for The Marthas?


Momoa is going to be so awesome in this role.


I wonder who will be the big villain of the Batman movie. Have they provided any details.

My pick would be The Owl Man. Or possibly Court of Owls. Something a bit unexpected.


Is it not Deathstroke? Or is he in JLA? I lose track.


Ah that’s right. I couldn’t remember if he was from one or the other either.

I’m not against Deathstroke.

I keep having to watch Batman v Superman in blocks. It doesn’t hold my attention. On the other hand, it doesn’t upset me as a movie.

One question on Batman, though, since he’s been operating for a lot longer than most, is there a clear timeline of his history as a vigilante in the story?


I could be way off here, and it doesn’t explain a lot of things including Leto’s Joker, but I was under the impression that he was a continuation of Bale’s character, obviously much later in life.