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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


I daren’t even post on this thread now lest my love for Man of Steel and BvS along with the anticipation of Justice League overcome me. :zipper_mouth:


But you just did. :confused:


It’s a piece of piss.
In fact, as Todd says, you just proved that it is.


I couldn’t resist :smiley:


There you go again!



Here’s the photo.


That looks awful


It’s a fan pic. Someone took a frame grab from the video last year and painted up their version of the armour.

The actor is retweeting it because it’s from a fan and actors retweet fan art all the time. It’s part of the connection they try to make with their fanbase.

Cinema blend must have had a slow news day.


Poor @Jeran_Art.


Won a bet.


That actually saddens me.

Not that you won the bet, but that batfleck won’t direct himself in his own moviefilm.


I was fearing an outcome like this with every interview Affleck gave.


While trying out this new password for the treatment center’s WiFi that has come upon my person from someone who may or may not be employed by this facility I’m also watching the new DC Animation movie Justice League Dark.

I really like it. No surprise, really. I’ve enjoyed all the DC Animated movies over the past years, with a solid exception for The Killing Joke, which was, as some of you guys (and Bernadette) might put it, pish.


Good… that could’ve ended badly. Acting & directing & producing is tough. On a Batman movie? Yeah… I wouldn’t want that :stuck_out_tongue:





I totally understand his decision. I read an interview where he was talking about the logistics of directing a movie while wearing a 60 pound rubber suit, and how impossible it would be to do his job for 14 hours a day acting and doing behind the scenes stuff.

Forbes had a list of directors apparently being looked at to direct in Affleck’s place. George Miller, Matt Reeves, Denis Villeneuve and Gavin O’Connor are all listed as possibilities. I’m personally hoping for O’Connor, as I loved Warrior and thought the Accountant was really quite good. Gerorge Miller would be interesting, but I’d rather he keep doing Mad Max stuff, rather than dipping his feet into another major franchise.


You have to wonder, though, why he decided it was a good idea in the first place.

This may have to do with Live by Night’s performance after all.

Either way, let’s hope they get someone good.


I do wonder if the standalone Batman film is quietly winding its way to not actually happening.


Don’t you dare will that into existence, you cunning little brat!