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Wow, it must be so nice beheaving like a 15 year old and editing comments because people just doesn’t happen to agree with your opinions.

I love the Mods here too.


I thought they did well with showcasing Reed’s powers and I thought the design for the Thing was pretty cool. That’s about all I’ll give it.


It’s just another symptom of too much BvS affection.

@RonnieM :wink:


Find a different dead horse to beat on. :wink:


Okay, now that’s a MAJOR RELAPSE! :laughing:

Be kind to yourself and watch the Corman version - it’s better.


Ahahaha! It feels like a relapse. I mean, I kind of go into watching something I know is more likely to hurt me than to do me any good. And I do it anyway. :smiley:


Fantastic Four wasn’t horrible. It just fell apart at the end and really felt like two different movies. It’s probably a film with one of the more evident struggles between the director and the studio.


Fantastic Four wasn’t horrible. Neither was Suicide Squad, Apocalypse, Ultron, Civil War, BvS, or any of these other recent ones with conflicting opinions. None of these are perfect but they’ve gotten pretty good at making these films and it’s probably not a bad thing that they aren’t all for everyone.

Fantastic Four was the only financial bomb in large part because the property isn’t that popular. The comics line isn’t even publishing it right now and nobody cares.


Popularity of the property is irrelevant for Fantastic Four.

F4 got crucified by the critics and bad word of mouth. It also had two previous lackluster movies. If F4 had good reviews and good word of mouth, it would have been a blockbuster.


I care…I genuinely love the FF the way some people love Avengers or Batman or members of their family. Regrettably, making Fantastic Four for one middle aged Irishman would be a poor business model.


Not if they budget it right!


Well to be fair, Trank sort of f*cked up all by himself trashing this own movie one day before release… I’m sure that didn’t help with the bad word of mouth :smile:



BvS is worse than the Trump presidency.


But I love BvS so much!





Justice League Dark seems to continue the tradition of really, really good DC movies. Looking forward to this. When is it out?

edit: I missed the end of the video saying it was available on Playstation Video yesterday. :smiley:


No, that is nowhere being close to true.


One of them is a chaotic, disjointed and often unpleasant affair that has divided opinions across the world and is clearly the work of someone wildly unfamiliar with the expectations of people in his profession, while the other…




Looks like someone round here is the self-appointed press secretary for BvS.

I wonder who it could be… :wink:

I just deleted Mr Winky Face’s work because I couldn’t think of anything even vaguely witty to say in response and now I feel bad. Sorry, Ronnie.
Here’s a puppy for you:


It’s @davidm, isn’t it?