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That link isn’t working properly.


Thanks. I think I fixed now :slight_smile:


Black Adam is getting his own movie, in addition to Shazam:


Even if you don’t agree with this, the guy makes very valid points.


Not the Joker depicted, hopefully.


Interesting to see Ayer be so candid about this.

If nothing else, that’s some laudable honesty there.


The odd part is that last line is provably false. Leto has talked repeatedly about how there was tons of unused Joker footage and there’s even some shots in the trailers and ads that weren’t in the movie.


Yeah, but tons of footage is not the same thing as an entire edit of the movie.


Well, to be fair, unused Joker footage isn’t the same as an edit of the movie in which that footage is used.

EDIT: As Anders pointed out in the exact same second. Make a wish, Anders!


Christians superpowers include, but are not limited to, by oral consumption converting organic matter into energy and unknowingly timing his posting to another member with the exact same posts. :wink:


It’s nice to see some humble self-criticism from a director. I don’t see Snyder doing something like that. In his few latest interviews he vehemently defended BvS and even seemed to suggest that it didn’t have any script problems, it’s just that people are the ones that didn’t understood it.

By the way, I loved BvS.


They’re probably not hidden in a salt mine, though.


Why, what do you know?



Just tell us, man! You’re killing me!


What would be the point? Haters gonna hate anyways… There’s literally nothing Snyder could say short of “fine, you win, I quit” that would stop people from ripping him to shreds, so why bother?


Making the Joker the main villain and engineering a more grounded story are not small differences. Ayer is straight up admitting that he wish he’d made a completely different movie.
I don’t disagree with him either. Hopefully Gotham Sirens is better.


Yeah he’s suggesting a complete change in plot and not reinstating deleted scenes.


Personally I don’t think Suicide Squad got trashed anywhere near as much as it should have.

I found it unwatchable. I can sit thru pretty much anything.

Fantastic Four was a far better film and it got a fucking pasting.


You’ve made me want to see Fantastic Four now.

It better be good.