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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


I wonder if @Mark_Millar is interested? :wink:


Well the Bat-suit might be worth it… the Superman one? eh… you can find better pijamas these days :smile:


I dunno, even a experienced filmmaker like Zack Snyder with a massive budget behind him couldn’t find a suit that looked right, so they’re obviously not as easy to get as you think.


Hmm… I’m pretty sure I would have fit nicely into Keaton’s batsuit.

When I was 12.


You’re not alone Ronnie!!


YAY! One of us! One of us!

This makes me wish I could book a trip to Texas in November to see Justice League at an Alamo Drafthouse with you. If it wasn’t so damned close to Thanksgiving… :wink:


It’s worth the trip. The Drafthouse’s Harry Potter marathon was one of the best cinematic experiences of my life. Hours and hours of movies and food and booze. It was like a massive vacation and I didn’t have to leave town.

I’m hoping they do a mini marathon of MoS, BvS, and Justice League. They may, considering Warners may help foot the bill.


Don’t forget the pull of good company. :slight_smile:


According to Movie Web, Sasha Perl-Raver, host of the Schmoes Know show, reportedly talked to someone with insider info about the movie.

So take with a grain of salt.


Well I know a guy who knows a guy, who’s cousin’s friend’s sister said it was great.


I’m going with “dump truck of salt.” :slight_smile:


And yet it was still a billion times better than that children’s pijama Reeve’s was wearing =P

I mean, seriously people… I know you gre up with it and everything, but seriously… :smile:


Shut your gob, I am a gre up!

I don’t even wear a pijama.





First you all are slagging off BvS and now you’re slagging off the Reeve costume.

I hate this thread so much.


That was the best part of the movie David, everything is downhill from there…


Some people’s kids.



Since I saw Batman v Superman an idea started to grow in my head, what would happend if I rearrange scenes and remix some dialogues? Well, the result is a very bad quality video due to my low skills in editing but now the movie is one hour and a half long. Does it make more sence now? you can judge for youself. I hope you enjoy this experiment.
you can download it from here: