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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


The backups in Justice League were pretty good, I thought. That must have been back in 2012/13? I haven’t read any of the new stuff.


Are they collected?


Yep. In one volume.

I’m sure that when I looked into it back in the day that it was missing a back-up or the description was wrong. With DC’s trade department, who wants to place any bets?


Well, I didn’t need that £6.99 anyway. I’ll let you guys know what I thought laters!



The white suit Shazam was when Billy/Cap became the new Wizard and Freddy the new Cap.
Howard Porter did the art.


Oh yeah, that was… just after 52?

Was it any good?


Fingers crossed you enjoy it.
I’ve found the Johns stuff to be a nice old fashioned approach, with the typical Johns nastiness kinda bubbling away underneath.


I enjoyed it. Don’t recall much of it though. And it was before the New 52. For some reason I think it was around 10 years ago.


If I get Shazam feels on with the collection of the backups I purchased earlier ill look out for it. Love Howard Porter so worth it just for that.


A heads up: Omniplex cinemas here have previews of Shazam! on Wednesday March 27th. I assume at least one of the UK chains will have them at the same time.


Not sure what to make of this if I’m honest. It seems a wildly sporadic move from the Lord and Millar vein they were initially looking for.


Huh. Well, I guess it’s cool that Miller is so committed to this, but this doesn’t sound like it bodes well for the Flash ever getting made.


It will happen. It may be shit, but theres money to be earned from this. As GM wrote in Multiversity:

The hand is empty.


It could (theoretically) be the best move for both Ezra & Grant personally and professionally.

But my first thought by reading the headline(s) is:
“Actor who wants a job hooks up drug-fueled writer for last chance.”

Sorry for being a jerk, but it is there.
And The Flash will always have to jump through extra hoops because of the ‘universe’ thing.
Even if it’s loosely-connected, as soon as a hint of time-travel comes into play, it needs to pass through a (Snyder-less) hastily-made committee that is scared to fail.

But I do hope this turns out, and they walk up to the plate and hit it out of the park.


Honestly, if we’re being real here - The Flash movie should be about Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison writing the Flash movie.

Sort of like Adaptation meets Animal Man meets Flex Mentallo.


Nic Cage for Grant Morrison then?


Ok, I’ll watch, but 55 minutes without commercials, and I’m on my couch for this.

But I’ll still want a proper movie, and know that we’re getting a trilogy
(preferably one that has references/lineage/timeline to the 31st century…


Honestly, for a trilogy…the structure writes itself.
It’s been done in almost every big Flash run in some way or another.


It’s why it’s baffling to me that WB is having such a hard time with it.


Because it’s Flash?