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Tuning in


I think that also has to do with the focus they have in the trailers, and I think focusing on the Big element of it was a smart move.

I honestly think this is going to be huge. I really can’t imagine any kid not loving this, and this is one their parents will gladly join them in watching. All those people who went and saw The Incredibles 2, they should be there for this.


Yeah, Goonies is a tough one. I loved it without reservation as a kid, and thought it reflected so much of my life and perspective. As an adult I find it fairly boring, although my wife still loves it. It’s quite the magic trick of nailing that kids’ perspective down.

A lot of it comes down the camaraderie of the kids, and trying to discover who you are both individually and within the context of a group. As an adult you have a sense of who you are so you don’t feel that so acutely. The 80s were so good at these kinds of movies.




Got my tickets



It does hold a certain appeal in contrast to the MCU’s current infinite gloom…


You mean dark, brooding characters like Captain Marvel and Ant-Man?


Yayy I’m glad this is happening for DC and I’m excited to see the movie. I’m not sure it will, but I really hope it does well for them.


Stuff like the Endgame trailer more specifically…




First trailer: dark and serious
Second trailer: big action, jokes, loads of fun basically

This is the acknowledged pattern by now. :slight_smile:


And this movie still looks like more fun than the one about half the universe being dead.


I’m a fan of David Sim’s film reviews, so this is a good sign. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this movie.


Captain Marvel (I know that’s not his name anymore but it was back when) was my favourite superhero as a kid. There’s obviously some boy-to-man (NO!) powertrip fantasy (I SAID NO!) that appealed to me (along with some funny banter and pretty art in the ol’ JLI issues) as a kid…

I’ve since become increasingly disinterested in the character. But!! I am super excited about this movie. It just looks like a shit-ton of fun.




Have you read any of Johns stuff on Shazam, Anders?

Both this new series and the previous back ups with Gary Frank?


I read the first issue of the new series, the one that ended with “I’m Billy’s father.”. I liked the art, was it… Eaglesham? But I haven’t stayed with it. I saw an extensive review (yours?) of the latest issue in the ongoing new comics thread, and it peaked my interest… But I’m waiting for more to come out.

I think I tried some of the stuff Johns did with Frank, that was like, 6-7 years ago? But wasn’t Shazam wearing a white suit with a… hood on or something like that? Instead of the classic red-gold-white? I don’t know.

I think I’m mixing things up a bit. If you recommend it, I’ll give it a try! What year is the Johns/Frank run from?