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If anybody at DC is reading this, please don’t bring Rick Flag back for the sequel.


I’d still rather they used Bronze Tiger or Black Spider than to racebend Deadshot.


I’d love to see Bronze Tiger. Especially Michael Jai White in the role.


Bronze Dy-no-mite!


That would be an easy fit, since he’s appeared regularly on Arrow and is now either dead or a bit of an anti-hero, i forget which.


Neither, he is still a prisoner at Slabside.

Turner has later returned to his cell after the prison takeover


Thanks! I’ve got a ton on my mind at the moment!


Early reactions to ‘Shazam’ compare it to ‘Big’, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Goonies’


The trailers certainly reminded me of BIG.


Mission accomplished then for Warner’s.


Like Big with superpowers?


Like bold but with cursive


Ghostbusters was great. Goonies was awful. I’ve never seen Big.

So now I don’t know what to think :laughing:


“Time to watch Big”?


I wouldn’t say “awful”. It was enjoyable enough.


Mainly I remember a bunch of kids being loud. When is that ever enjoyable? :confused:


When they’re on somebody else’s lawn and not yours?


I think Goonies is one of those ones you really have to have watched as a kid. I didn’t see it until I was an adult and it did nothing for me, but I have friends of the same age who have known it since childhood and love it.


Just like Space Jam


It wasn’t that bad.