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Well I’m glad that you can at least recognize the fact that expecting any movie to hit that completely subjective “sweet spot” is indeed madness.


Yeah it’s so insane that so many films manage to do it.


Nah they don’t, you just happen to like those films.


Who said I liked them?


That’s what he said.


Well, great talk as always :+1:

I now see your point and concede. Thank you for helping me learn. :wink: - Says Ronnie…

You’re still wrong though


A film can get the tone right without being a good movie. I don’t have to like a movie in order for me to think its combination of lightness/darkness wasn’t one of its problems.


And that’s certainly fair and all, but as you said “you think that”… it’s not an objective sweet spot because there is no such thing. Like how I think MoS hits the sweet spot, but I’m self-aware enough to know that it obviously didn’t hit the sweet spot for A LOT of people.

I’m sure this new Shazam movie will hit that “sweet spot” for a lot of people, and a lot of people will hate it… why are we even debating this? =/


I don’t know, you’re the one complaining about it.


sure buddy…


Sure buddy.


Look, I’m just asking for the tone exactly perfectly match the comics. Not all the comics, just the few specific ones that obviously get the characters exactly right. Is that too much to ask? :confused:


Just be glad you ain’t getting Kingdom Come’s version… =P



Oooo. That might be a step up.


What was all of this “new characters” stuff then?
Unless this is going to be an opening cameo where he gets killed off.


Oh get fucked. Show some damn respect for Will Smith - he’s a hell of alot better than Mr Almost-James-Bond.

Honestly, next time I see you remind me to kick you in the balls.


It would certainly be a very different take on the character than Smith’s.


Smith used to be amazing. I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking anymore. I really loved Bright but that’s the first thing in a long time.

Also, you misspelled “kiss”.