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I think the tone is all wrong. I had an initial knee-jerk “Thank God they didn’t go all grim and gritty, this will be great”, but the more times I watch the trailer the less happy I am with it. Captain Marvel’s tone should be whimsical, not slapstick. And what happened to the Wisdom of Solomon? This version seems to have the Wisdom of Deadpool. DHAZAM!

I hate to be negative when it’s something so many of you clearly love (I save that for Man of Steel :wink: ), and I hope it lives up to all your expecations and is massively entertaining. But I doubt I’ll bother seeing it.


Were you hoping for something more like this? :wink:


I’ve never seen that so I don’t know, but that clip looks like it treats the source material respectfully so why not? :slight_smile:

I look at the new trailer and wonder if maybe they really wanted to make Superior instead? :wink:


It’s from the 1970s, David!

I remember watching it as a kid on Saturday mornings.


Really? The source material was about an old man and a young boy driving around the country in a motor home?

That’s been my point all along.

I’m really looking forward to the film but it’s with a hint of sadness. It’ll be a lot of what I’ve been looking forward to on the big screen just with a lot of the serial numbers scratched off.


It’s a difficult one. Superior obviously draws directly from Captain Marvel in certain general ways, but some of the details of this movie look so specific that it’s hard not to feel like it’s more of a ripoff in the other direction.


I was surprised they didn’t go with Billy being handicapped.


Freddy is handicapped not Billy, geez :unamused:

btw, I know this is Millarworld but SHAZAM has been around 70 years longer than Superior. IMO, it is kind of insulting to compare the two. Shazam is a story of hope and goodness. Billy Batson is chosen because he is worthy and has little in common with Simon Pooni and Shazam is not a demon.

@DaveWallace A.) Have you seen the movie yet to be that informed about the movie’s details? and B.) How well do you know SHAZAM?

Just because you have enjoyed Superior and not read much of Shazam’s stories, don’t allow your limited knowledge in this situation to bias you against watching and enjoying this movie.


I’m not, the movie looks like fun and I’m keen to see it at some point. There’s no undue pro-Millar bias on my part.

But that doesn’t stop me from noticing very close similarities with Superior like the ‘learning about my powers’ scene that was featured heavily in the first trailer. (I haven’t watched the new trailer yet.) The similarities are strong enough to draw direct parallels.


I hope you understand I was not trying to attack you but this is the statement I was taking exception to.


Most people don’t realize that Superior was a Superman clone, not a Shazam clone. Folks focused on the kid becomes an adult thing, and it was essentially Big for Superheroes, but Superior was in many ways Christopher Reeve, a character with loads of movies that had become tired in a more sophisticated society, which is why they actor has a decent role in the story. Is anyone shocked that Mark wanted to tell another Superman story that drew attention to how great the original Superman movies were?

Fox had many years to put together a Superior movie but always sat on it. Now they’ll watch to see how Shazam does and I imagine it’ll be huge. It’s very clear that Big with Superheroes is what’s going on here, and the training montage is straight lifted from Superior. Mark is so used to seeing things lifted from his books that he just sees it as a compliment.

I get Ronnie’s frustration at seeing a disabled character becoming a hero. Personally it’s something Disney should do, and I’d use the Nova franchise for it. Or Power Pack - I still think we need a Power Pack movie.


No problem. And that maybe came off as stronger than I meant it to. I certainly don’t mean that the whole thing is a ripoff, just that certain elements may be ‘lifted’.


I’m familiar with Captain Marvel/Shazam and his history. I’m not talking about specifics of his origin. I’m talking about specific scenes and the general way they’re playing the character that are very much lifted. I understand that Johns has more recently made changes but those things tend to generally not be in line with the way the character was historically portrayed.

I’ve said many times that I am still very much looking forward to this. It just makes the likelihood of a Superior film (that could have done wonders for MS awareness) very slim.

I wonder if Superior or something similar could be reworked into a vehicle for Selma Blair. Her story and willingness to show up publicly in the midst of such of a tough relapse is super fucking brave.


That would be…a pretty good idea.


Look, knock yourselves out, okay? Yeah, the Levy tone is off. That Wisdom did not maybe kick in right away. Make do with this.


Keeping Superior male, too, means you have a lot of Freaky Friday comedy and can tackle gender issues in Superhero comics.


Not exactly the direction I was going but… :wink:


Eh… the Superhero discovering/testing his powers is a trope by now, I wouldn’t necessarily pin it to Superior… I mean, I don’t remember Superior so they might have lifted the same exact “tests”, but the point still stands.

Also, they are clearly going for a “modern” Shazam, as in Billy’s personality inhabits the SH body, rather than the old-school version… so it makes sense for him to act like a child.

Lastly, wisdom is not the same as maturity or intelligence… =P

Jeeeesus chill out people… first you complain that MoS was “too dark”, now you complain that Shazam is “too light”… make up your minds!!! :smile:



Or, and stay with me here, there’s a sweet soft somewhere in between those two options?

Never mind, that’s madness.