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Ya, that’s Val-Zod.


Yes, and he has a white cape, not the red cape of that Jordan picture.


But are his boots the right color?

It’s obviously blending it with the Man of Steel suit but it’s a far cry from Calvin Ellis’s suit.


Honestly if I read a comic with that panel in it I’d probably quit the hobby on the spot and question my life choices. Even a child would cringe at that garbage.

It’s probably from a great book, isn’t it? I’m a grumpy old man now I guess.


Grant Morrison’s Multiversity!


Oh, I believe you can just stop guessing!


Well that explains it.





Morrison’s Multiversity was OK in parts. Calvin Ellis is a great character though. He’s basically Barrack Obama as Superman.

This is probably one of his better appearances.


So, basically, Barrack Obama, then.


And they were the weaker parts. The rest of it was great. :slight_smile:


Did Lex Luthor have orange skin and a ludicrous comb-over?


No, but, depending on the continuity, he was a psychotic con artist associated with real estate.


Ya, there’s a strong argument for Byrne era Luthor being at least Trump-esque.


This looks so great. Hopefully it finds a huge audience.

Watching it again, I actually think they’ve made a mistake making the world look so grey and washed out. I know the point is he’s the most colorful thing in it, but part of the strength of Aquaman was how colorful and rich the world was. Everything looks like Scranton in this, and I think it’s not something that’ll work so well in an international audience.


I think going with Mark Strong as the villain was also a mistake. He’s a guy in a coat. He’s utterly boring and his almost complete absence from most of the advertising makes me think WB knows it too.

I could be wrong but I think this is probably going to flop.


Why the hell did they go with a boring villain? The Shazams have got some of the best villains. Mr. Mind would be fucking amazing.


Because going with one of the bullying kids also getting powers would have been a step too far. :wink:


I love it.

I don;t know if anyone else will, I’m not going to predict the box office, but I love it.