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Yeah, well. What he’s saying is basically code for “We tried to build a universe like Marvel had and found that half of our movies sucked ass, so we decided to not weave them together so that people could enjoy those that didn’t suck and forget about the rest.”


I think it’s more that they are choosing between the box office for Justice League and Aquaman.


I like that approach. It’s why continuity in comics isn’t a big deal for me, either. Give creators a bible for each character of ten to fifteen non-negotiables and tell a good story.


DC characters don’t work together on the big screen. They’re too different. I said this 10 years ago. DC has a Batman problem.


They really should do “Identity Crisis” - that, or what was the big arc where Batman had contingency plans to take out the rest of the heroes?


“Tower of Babel”:

And that was already made into a movie:


Missed both of those! Dang! Well, Comixology, here I come!

PS - went and fetched, four individual issues. Remember reading the first 4-page preview, then it got real. Porter is not my favorite artist (his figures are way too blocky) but he sure can tell a story. This is going to be fun! Thanks, JR.



I like the costume, there.


Michaael B Jordan as Superman would be great. He’s a fantastic actor, he would be the next Christopher Reeves.


Michael B. Jordan was already miscast in a role with a lot of backlash when he was Johnny Storm…

He righted that wrong by getting into Black Panther.

He won’t be miscast with backlash again, not twice in a career.


It’s interesting that they call him Calvin Ellis but give him Val-Zod’s costume.

I would watch either of those film. A Multiverse Superman film would be pretty incredible too.


Michael B. Jordan wasn’t miscast as Johnny.
The writing of that movie worked against him.


Surprised if they haven’t done that or plan to do it in animation. However, it is certainly an option that’s now more realistic after Spider-Verse.


Don’t you know all Black people look alike?:wink:


Yeah, basically. I actually think Jordan was the least miscast person in that whole cast. It was an odd one. But it could have worked fine if there was better material to play with.


He was in no way miscast as Johnny. That film had a ton of problems but he wasn’t one of them.



The problem with the Trank FF movie is that it was too dark.

The problem with the Tim Story FF movies is that they tended to be too goofy.

The perfect tone for a FF movie should be somewhere in between.


Not exactly: